Asus is an extremely prolific manufacturer, able to renew all its range in a few weeks, and with several models simultaneously.

Well, what you need to know about the Asus Zenfone 3 Max is that it is an entry level phone, with specifications that are “on paper” relatively average and standards, and a very large battery that is probably one of those strong points. The best offers of the moment:

  1. Aesthetics: full metal

As usual at Asus, finishing is a strong point.  The look is a success, with a mobile all round. It is a smartphone built in metal (body and chassis) and with the perfect finish (no cracking during use, good rigidity, etc.).  And to perfect the whole, the manufacturer placed on the front a window, with 2.5D effect, which allows to have sides more rounded and therefore softer to the touch.

The design is optimized, the screen occupying more than 75% of the face of the mobile. We have rather thin right and left edges, with 2.25mm thickness around the screen. On the color side, 4 choices are available: light gray, dark gray, golden, pink.  For fans of notifications, yes, this mobile is well endowed with a LED, very discreetly placed in the upper right corner.

  • Dimensions: 14.9 cm long x 7.4 cm wide x 0.9 cm thick
  • Weight: 148 grams.
  1. Image and sound: HD is lacking

The screen available on this phone has a good diagonal of 5.2 inches.  A diagonal pleasant to use, although as always, it will be necessary to enter his messages with 2 hands (otherwise, station to the fall of the phone). The brightness is high. The color management is quite correct far from what can be found on Super AMOLED screens.

Finally, for the sound, one will notice the presence (quite classic) of a loudspeaker in the dorsal position. The latter offers a powerful sound that reaches 100 db at the same output.

  • Screen: 5.2 inches (IPS) with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), so a density of 282ppp.
  • Sound: 3.5 jack and mono back speaker. Classic earphone.
  1.  Performances: very (too) reasonable

Time passes, and as you know, year after year smartphones are becoming more powerful.  Well, that’s the theory. This mobile still happens to run big 3D games. This is possible because the screen does not display more than 720 pixels on your smaller side. As far as multitasking is concerned, that’s a different story. Because this mobile is equipped with 3GB of RAM. This ensures a comfortable operation.

And logically, this smartphone is equipped with an internal memory of 23.3GB instead of 32GB advertised by the brand. This mobile has a micro SD slot to add even more memory to these 23GB that we find comfortable.

  • Processor: Four Hearts 1.3GHz (Mediatek MT6737)
  • Memory: 3GB
  • Graphics processor: Mali-T720.
  • Storage Memory: 32GB of memory that turns into 23.2GB at the first startup.
  1. Connectivity: complete, or almost complete

Yes, this phone is well 4G, the ordinary would have been amazing these days.  And the Zenfone 3 Max even offered the 4G LTE (Cat 4), along with the 3G (HSPA +). To this is added a dual location for SIM card (be careful, if you add a micro SD card).

The formats being: “micro” for the first, and “nano” for the second. NFB (b / g / n), bluetooth (4.0), aGPS, 3.5 jack, micro USB (2.0, OTG), FM radio, micro SD card slot (+ 32GB Max). However, no NFC or infrared.

  1.  Operating system: “à la carte” overlay

Asus is a brand that likes Android, and also likes to add its own overlay.  And not just any, because it’s ZenUI 3.0. The brand has decided to offer you the possibility of a “tailor-made” configuration. In the register of new applications, we thus have:

  • Themes: which allows to personalize his mobile by downloading … themes.
  • ZenMotion: allows to manage movements, in particular the mode “one hand” (or the display on the screen is reduced).
  • Game Genie: this application can launch itself automatically in game, and for example of stream of games sessions on mobile.
  • Asus Mobile Manager: a catch-all in which there is a tracking of the data consumed, a power saving mode, a RAM and ROM manager, the notification manager, and so on.
  • PhotoCollage: you can make funny montages with your photos.
  • MiniMovie: allows you to create small movies with your photos and videos.
  • Operating System: Android 6.0 «Marshmallow»
  • Overlay: ZenUI 3.0.
  1. Usage: good battery, good photo quality

As for the photo quality, Asus calls this function quite humbly: “Pixelmaster”. This means a theoretical capacity to offer beautiful photos, through innovative software processing options. And overall, this is the case. The quality offered by the frontal sensor is quite correct (as long as it is a matter of taking selfies).  And for the back sensor, the 13MP also takes good pictures (fast autofocus, which is a real plus.

Another good point, its battery of 4.100 mAh. A battery whose capacity is above the very usual 3.000 mAh proposed by some competitors and which proposes a significant energy gain, and therefore a great autonomy. It is thus perfectly possible to exceed the 1 day before recharging, or even to hang comfortably the 2 days.

Good news is added to the fact that the mobile accepts the fast recharge. And finally, an OTG USB cable allows this mobile to become a real external battery and, if necessary, to recharge a mobile with this own Zenfone 3 Max.

In conclusion: a good Asus, as always

The Asus Zenfone 3 Max is therefore a good mobile, which offers for its money.  But competition being tough on the entry / mid-range segment, there are inevitably points that may appear to be weaknesses and others of the forces. In the register of points that can be described as sympathetic, we will mention in particular the photo quality, any fact suitable (not bluffing, but interesting, and especially original with functions such as Super Resolution mode).

We can also mention the excellent battery life of 4.100 mAh which also allows the Zenfone 3 Max to recharge other mobile. Of course, connectivity is not outdone, we find especially all that needs a 4G LTE connection. As well as a fingerprint sensor. So the performance remains uncomfortably low (less than 30,000 points on Antutu, where competitors cross the 56,000 points), which is fortunately compensated by an internal storage memory of 23.2 GB.

Same thing for the screen, which we regret that it is only HD (720p) and not Full HD (1080p), but that also has a good point: that of a brightness that can be very strong with nearly 500 nits.

  • The best: good price, big battery, premium design, effective fingerprint sensor, internet storage (23GB), RAM (3GB).
  • The least: screen “only” 720p, relatively modest performance (processor and graphics processor).