Apparently, the flagship is a bit like chips: once you’ve eaten one, you cannot stop. This may be why all major brands release their flagship smartphone: it has a bigger screen, better battery, and often has new features. And Huawei is no exception with the P10 Plus.

It is very powerful and really has a good camera with quite a lot of features. The P10 Plus improves on these two aspects, and at the same time becomes the best smartphone that Huawei has ever created.

Design: A Back Of Apple Taste

Let’s remove the thorn of the foot: yes, the P10 Plus looks awfully like an iPhone. On the front side is the lozenge fingerprint scanner, and the volume and on/off buttons are on the right. Other than that, they are identical. They both have rounded corners in order to hold comfortably in the hand, and arrive more or less not to mark too many fingerprints.

The camera rests on a strip of glass at the top of the phone and adorned with the Leica logo. If you do not want people to take it for an iPhone, you should opt for some more flash colors. Greenery or Dazzling Blue were conceived in collaboration with the color specialist, Pantone, and attracted both admiration and criticism. Either we love or do not like, but in the month you will not go unnoticed.

Camera (Hardware): We See Double

Its dual camera is its greatest strength. It combines a classic lens of 12 MP with another, monochrome 20 MP, which really makes it very clever. First, it offers the ability to zoom in without losing image quality. Apple allows you to zoom in x2, but the P10 Plus lets you zoom in between x1 and x2.

This is not a true optical zoom, but it is much better than most other digital zooms of smartphones. The other advantage? Exceptional depth of field. The P10 Plus has a Leica glass with an aperture of f / 1.8, which is a real improvement compared to the f / 2.2 of the traditional P10. Turn on the wide-angle mode, and you can adjust the aperture to create blurry backgrounds. It works well most of the time, but it may look a bit wrong.

It also works when you are in portrait mode, but keep in mind that it also tends to force the Beauty mode, which smoothers the skin and makes it look brighter. Do not forget to turn it off (or lower the filter level) where you will look like a Barbie doll. The blur effect that applies on the background gives the impression that the portrait was taken by a real camera, not a smartphone.

At the front, the 8 MP camera with an f / 1.9 aperture is also covered with a Leica glass. The portrait mode is also available on this lens, but this time it is only available via the software.

At the video level, you can shoot in 4K with 30ips, or in Full HD up to 60ips. The optical image stabilizer is there to ensure that your outlets do not shake. If you go to Full HD, thanks to the magic of electronics, it will be even more stable, even if the Google Pixel does better in terms of overall fluidity.

Image Quality

Once you press the shutter button, the pictures taken with the Huawei P10 Plus are truly exceptional. The black and white shots have exceptional contrasts and are very detailed, while the lens colors of 12 MP are vivid and punchy while remaining realistic.

Laser and phase-detection autofocus helps you to block your subjects in an incredibly fast way, and the optical image stabilizer ensures that all your shots taken in natural light are perfectly sharp. You will still need to be stable to get similar results at night.

The Huawei camera app allows you to navigate between different modes and settings quickly: a swipe will take you to modes, and a second will give you access to the Pro mode. This allows you to control the ISO speed, white balance, and exposure manually.

 Screen: Resolution 2017

You will have a QHD screen, stretched on 5.5 “, and it is beautiful. Everything is very clear, so you can use the view mode” small “without damaging your eyes. The angles of view are fantastic, and it is very bright: I had no problem using it outdoors, even if the Parisian sky is not ideal to test the thing in direct light.

The colors are at the top, with a lot of contrast and very pure whites, but blacks and dark colors are not as rich as with an OLED screen. You can fully customize the tones and color temperature, but honestly, the best settings are those by default: your photos will look natural instead of being dull or too bright.

Huawei included an original screen protector, which might seem generous, but if you decide to remove it, you will notice the real fault of this phone: there is no oleophobic coating on the glass. So remove this protection, and the P10 Plus will turn into a magnet with traces of fingers and bold, which is not really something that is appreciated for a phone of this standing.

Software: The Finger On The Button

You can use the traditional buttons displayed on the screen if you wish, but after a small turn in the screen settings, you will see that you can use the fingerprint scanner to do the same. Tap quickly and you will go back. Stay lean and you will go to the reception. Swipe to the left to open recent apps, and up to launch Google Assistant (when available). This means that you will not have to do thumb gymnastics to walk around the interface, but also that it frees up space on the screen that normally is used for buttons.

It takes a while to get used to it, and some apps are not compatible with this navigation system, but most work perfectly, and one really understands why Huawei has moved are scanning to the back of the phone. You see, it does not copy the iPhone so much, after all.

Performance: Speed Beast

The Kirin 960 processor inside the P10 Plus is really powerful. It impressed us with the Mate 9, we just seduced on the standard P10, and it is still as fast on this model.

The enormous RAM of 6 GB is really useful for multitasking, making sure you do not wait when you switch from one app to another, and even the gigantic 128 GB of internal storage use UFS 2.0 flash memory. No more waiting while copying your files.

Battery: You Are Almost

The battery life is very good. Of course, if you mainly use your smartphone to watch videos and play games, you will need to recharge it before the end of the day. The Ultra Energy saving mode will allow you to save a few percent on a single charge, but once you have found a hold it will recharge very fast. You will gain 50% battery for 30 min with the Fast Charge adapter which is included.


It was thought that the standard P10 was a great Android phone, with some flaws like screen resolution and battery life which are both averages, not really worthy of a flagship. The P10 is still a smartphone and this version is better, and it is really worth it.