There is a feature that is long claimed by iOS users, it is a dark mode, however, Apple does not offer it yet, instead, and there is an alternative that is part of the accessibility features under IOS 11. This “dark” mode is called in the “Intelligent Color Change ” settings, which invert the colors on the screen except for images, media, and some apps using dark color styles. So there are limitations.

Here’s what it looks like:
• This “Smart Color Reversal” feature is well hidden in the settings.
• To activate it, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Adapt View > Reverse Colors,
• And check the “Smart Reverse” option.

As seen in the video several apps have a correct display with this “dark” mode including the Notes app or the photo film because the photos are not affected. However, for some other apps, it makes not terrible and especially the websites in Safari. This is, however, a first beta of iOS 11, and this mode could be brought to evolve and improve in the next beta.

• IOS 11 allows direct reading of QR codes: video operation
In addition to new products like the iPad Pro 10.5 inches or the HomePod connected speaker, the Cupertino company yesterday unveiled a lot of new features for iOS 11, some of which have gone a little unnoticed given the limited time for The presentation, despite everything already very long! This is the case of a new feature of the camera in iOS, which is able to read the QR codes and display the link to be typed to get to the destination address.

Scanning the QR code is automatic and virtually instantaneous after launching the Camera app. You see a link to be typed at the top of the camera, which redirects to Safari or another app depending on the case. This will make all applications that only scan QR codes obsolete, unless they also offer the creation of QR codes. You must, however, have at least one iPhone 5s to install iOS 11 which will be available next September.
• It’s done: 32-bit apps are no longer supported by iOS 11
The WWDC keynote was full of ads. Among these, the non-compatibility of 32-bit apps with iOS 11 has been confirmed. This has been spoken in several articles, including one published yesterday in which it is mentioned that 32-bit apps have disappeared from the App Store for 12 hours. Well, this is now confirmed by the beta of iOS 11.

32-bit apps are no longer supported by iOS 11. When a 32-bit app is launched, the system displays a message indicating that it is not compatible and that a 64-bit update is required. They no longer appear in the App Store search results under iOS 11 and the only way to find them in the App Store is to go through a direct link.

The app store page of an old app also indicates that it is no longer supported by iOS 11 and does not provide any buttons to install it on an iOS 11 device. To see the list of apps not compatible with iOS 11, simply go to Settings > General > Information and pressing “Applications “, the list of incompatible apps is displayed.
• With iOS 11, the screenshot is much more powerful, here are the proposed tools
The iOS 11 proposes quite a few changes some are new as the recording of the screen and others have been greatly improved, it is the case in particular of the screenshot.

There is now a screen capture module that appears when the user simultaneously presses the Power button and the Home button at the same time, and this one allows to do a lot of things on the screenshot. The user can also crop the image, add text, sign with a finger and add a magnifying glass to emphasize an element of the image.
• With iOS 11 and its auto mode iPhone, the car speaks for more security
Among the additions, therefore, one concerns drivers. This is the “do not disturb when driving” mode. In addition to automatically setting up, it will allow the driver to gain concentration by removing announcements of notifications such as:

In fact, this new mode available in iOS 11 will start as soon as the iPhone detects that the user will be en route by car. The latter must then confirm or cancel the passage in this “discrete” mode. The mode will switch the iPhone screen to black to no longer display anything. Any notification will become silent, including messages. It will be possible to create an automatic reply that will be sent to any person who wants to contact the person who is driving. The message will then prevent the contact that the user is driving and will respond later.

An “urgent” mode will still allow the correspondent to reach the user by typing “urgent” for example in his message, which will have the effect of letting the message appear on the iPhone screen despite blocking.

As for calls, Apple has introduced the possibility of letting the iPhone pick up automatically, with in the settings, the choice of the time after which the iPhone picks up and on what sound system the audio will be redirected, iPhone speaker Or Bluetooth system connected.

• Sharing Wi-Fi codes ease in iOS 11
The latest discovery, the ability to easily share a Wi-Fi password with iOS 11: in fact, iOS 11 uses a privileged connection between iPhone, iPad or Mac devices, making it possible to support the connection on the same Wi-Fi network. This works in the following way:

• Person A’s iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi of the house
• Person B would like to connect his iPad to the network, without knowing the password
• The latter must go to try to connect, until having to enter the password of the network

in the form of a window appearing on the screen, informing that the iPad would like to join the Wi- Fi and asking the question of sharing the password.
• Simply click on “Send” on the iPhone and this notification, so that the password is automatically received and completed in the corresponding field iPad side.
• That is, the iPad is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
This can be very handy but only works with two devices, iPad or iPhone on iOS, or Mac under the latest version of MacOS, High Sierra.