Playing on the notebook as on the PC: For a long time, this was just a dream.  HP is setting a 17.3-inch screen on the Geforce GTX 1070 in Omen 17.


This GPU is based on the current Pascal architecture and differs only slightly from the desktop version: The notebook GTX-1070 has more shades but runs at a somewhat lower clock rate of 1443 MHz (1645 MHz boost clock) than the PC brother coming to 1506 MHz (1683 MHz boost clock).


The graphics memory with GDDR5-RAM is 8 GB. The Omen 17 also offers uncompromising performance on the other hardware components: the processor is a 2.6 GHz Core i7-6700HQ from the Skylake generation and a maximum turbo clock of 3.5 GHz.

Omen 17 promises the 3D performance of a gaming PC in the notebook format

With a processor that has a thermal design power of 45 watts and a GPU, which swallows around 120 watts during operation, the case of the Omen 17 cannot fail naturally. However, neither the weight with 3, 27 kilos nor the building height with 35, 4 millimeters are exaggerated.


HP also has a rather reserved design for the case design: a stylized logo in dark red is emblazoned on the lid, the colors of which are embossed with the key inscription and the keyboard illumination. The plastic case does not look very noble, the handball pad is smooth and stain-susceptible.

Technical sheet:

So it was not until 2016 that laptops could finally claim to be as powerful as gaming laps. From this point of view, the arrival of Nvidia’s latest generation graphics cards was simply a lifesaver. It is now possible for the price of a high-end gamer PC to have a laptop capable of running all the games of the moment without any compromise. This is the case of this Omen 17 inch, so here is the technical sheet.

• SCREEN: 3840×2160 IPS at 17.1″ (258 ppi)
• OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
• CPU: 2.6-3.5GHz Core i7-6700HQ
• RAM: 8GB DDR4-2160, 32GB DDR4-2160, 16GB DDR4-2160
• GPU: Nvidia GTX 960M 4GB, Nvidia GTX 1070 6GB, Nvidia GTX 1070 6GB
• NETWORKING: Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2×2, Bluetooth 4.0
• PORTS: 3xUSB 3.0, RJ-45 Ethernet, microphone jack, headset jack, MiniDisplay Out, SD card reader
• SIZE: 16.4×11×1.3″
• AUDIO: BeatsAudio, dual Front facing speakers
• WEIGHT: 7.2lb
• BATTERY: 6-cell, 95.8Wh Li-ion
• OTHER PERKS: 1080p webcam with Windows Hello

A design that aims for efficiency


For this new generation of Omen, HP has not been seeking inspiration very far. In fact, he did not even look for it, since it took over almost completely the design of its previous range. One finds, therefore, a hull integrally in smooth plastic with the rather pleasant touch. The finishes are rather good overall, but the whole lack a little class, standing.

Omen plastic tends to hang fingerprints easily

The Omen is a laptop that goes to the essential: no luminescent logo on the flap of the screen, it is just if the keyboard lights up in red when it is turned on. This red light, with a font of the keys of futuristic, is practically the only proofs that one is facing a PC gamer.


The Omen also goes to the basics in terms of connectivity. It has just one HDMI port, a Display Port, three USB A ports, an SD card reader and an Ethernet port. No CD player, so, but most players do not need it for a few years now.

 Most of the connections are on the right side


More annoying, HP has minimized access to PC components. A small hatch that is disassembled with a Phillips screwdriver makes it difficult to access RAM strips in order to change them. But it is virtually impossible to access the rest of the bowels of the Omen.

The bowels of the beast, this little hatch that just allows changing the RAM

The Omen is a beautiful 3.4 kg baby, the basis of which is very stable. Even if you are annoyed on the keyboard, you will have a hard time making it move. The metal hinges that hold the screen are also of good quality and make it possible to adjust the inclination of the screen very easily. Only small regret, but certainly applies to other 17-inch PCs, the screen tends to swing easily if your desktop is not very stable.


But at the Omen 17, it should be less about optics than about performance – and that is lush. It starts with the system performance: shifted from the quad-core CPU and the lush working memory with 16 GB DDR4-2400, the Omen 17 works in most tests about twice as fast as a notebook with a Skylake processor from the power-saving U-series. The Core i7 in the HP notebook due to the sufficient cooling, even in stressful benchmarks like the Cinebench can work almost continuously with turbo boost clock rate.

3D performance

In Omen 17 is a display with G-Sync. This function is intended to prevent line shifts, thus ensuring quiet and liquid image sequences. On the other hand, the maximum refresh rate of the G-Sync display is 75 Hz, which limits the frame rate in games to this value.


Even with very high details, the performance of the GTX 1070 is never below this value. This also means that with the native display resolution of 1920 x 1080 all games run smoothly and probably still reserves for upcoming games are present. On an external monitor, the Omen 17 reaches, for example, the Tomb Raider at 90 frames per second at 1920 x 1080 and 57 frames per second at 2560 x 1440.



  • HP packs an SSD with 128GB and a fast-rotating 7200rpm hard drive with 1 terabyte into Omen 17.
  • There are three USB 3.0 ports for peripheral devices, an HDMI output in version 2.0 for mini monitors, and a mini display port jack for external monitors.
  • A fold-out Gigabit LAN connection as well as 11ac WLAN with two antennas.
  • In addition to a striking design, HP also dispenses with extras such as customizable lighting effects or overclocking tools, which other manufacturers give to their gaming laptops.



  • The anti-glare Full HD screen shows a very decent brightness of over 300 cd / m2 on average and a good contrast.
  • The brightness distribution is not optimal because the screen is minimized darker downwards.
  • Despite the high housing, the keyboard has a rather flat stroke.
  • The pressure point, on the other hand, is easily noticeable and thus absolutely playable.
  • On the right is a numeric block in the keyboard layout.
  • The touchpad does not convince – it looks clattered and does not offer a clear pressure point.
  • No problem – because you should use an external mouse anyway.

Battery life


The advantages of a gaming laptop against a PC are that the notebook occupies less space and is easier to move to a different location. Really mobile, however, you are not with a 3-kilo notebook, especially since the Omen 17 despite a lush 96-watt battery even in the WLAN test does not even come to four hours of running time. This is due to the high-performance CPU and the fact that the G-Sync display does not allow you to switch to the more economical process graphics.



Without noise, the high power of the Omen 17 is not available. The fans turn strongly under load – no wonder: In the games business, the notebook pulls around 180 watts. On the underside, the Omen 17 warms up to just over 50 degrees – without problems because on the lap you will not place the giant notebook. Check out more of HP here!