The outlines of the iPhone 8 stand out a little more. New renderings show us a more realistic iPhone 8. We have seen this time all sorts of interpretations of the iPhone 8, supposed to celebrate the 10 years of the smartphone Apple. They are based on diagrams and information retrieved from Apple’s partners.


All these leaks gave rise to fantasies and they gave birth to very attractive visuals but also sometimes unrealistic. They have produced more realistic renderings of the iPhone 8. We still remain in pure speculation but there is a good chance that the iPhone 8 looks like this. The apple iPhone 8 would not have a completely borderless screen. The edges could measure 4mm. The smartphone would also retain a black band at the top. On each side of the sensors placed in the center, one would find icons. Experts think that these spaces on the screen will be used to display basic static information such as battery percentage or network connection.

More dynamic information like notifications would be transferred to the bottom of the iPhone 8 in a zone called “Function Area”. Forbes also gives us a hint about the location of the famous Touch ID.It may not be placed under the screen. Given the implementation difficulties, Apple may have opted for Plan B.

On one of the renderings, one sees a particularly long On / Off button. For the sound part, Apple would continue its momentum. The iPhone 8 would not mark the big return of the audio jack. We will have to be satisfied with the port Lightning. The iPhone 8 will have two speakers. All these innovations would increase prices. The iPhone 8 would start at $ 1,100 or $ 1,200 with 128GB or 256GB of storage.


  • 4K Video On All Cameras


It does not happen one day without the source code of the HomePod speaker reveals a new secret on the iPhone 8. We now know more about cameras. The firmware of the HomePod has once again released information on the iPhone 8. The Brazilian site iHelpBR has discovered among the lines of code references to the cameras of the iPhone 8. Usually, manufacturers focus on the main camera. The front sensor is often less efficient. Apple will obviously not be jealous. The rear camera but also the front camera will be able to shoot 4K videos at 60 frames per second.

Apple obviously wants to turn the iPhone 8 into the ultimate camera. In comparison, the main camera of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus can shoot videos in 4K but only in 30 frames per second and the front camera is limited 1080p. Besides realizing exceptional Video Selfies, the 4K in 60fps could also be used for augmented reality applications coming under iOS 11. the iPhone 8 will have a new function called “smart camera”. The camera will be able to automatically detect different types of photos.

Sky, fireworks, sunset, snow, foliage, the apple iPhone 8 will identify the shooting conditions and adjust the settings according to the conditions. The camera can also identify subjects such as children or pets.

A “freeze motion” mode is mentioned. One can imagine that the camera will recognize the subject in motion and will adapt to take the best possible photo. The last point concerns the recognition of documents and QR codes.


  • New firmware info from HomePod

Apple accidentally released the source code for its HomePod speaker. It is a real gold mine. Facial recognition, detection of expressions, it reveals the future functions of the iPhone 8. The HomePod speaker runs on iOS like the future iPhone 8 and it conceals a mountain of secrets on the smartphone. After a first burst unearthed by Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo, they recidivated. This same code tells us more about the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 should scrutinize your face with a magnifying glass. The code is visibly brimming with reference to the expressions of your face and especially your mouth. It will be able to recognize if you pout, smile, twist your mouth, have your lips pinched, and so on. The firmware also mentions an “attention detection” function.

One can imagine that the smartphone will detect whether you are watching the screen or not. It will choose according to send you a sound signal to alert you of the arrival of notifications.


The two developers also looked at the Touch ID. They have actually found traces of a new ultrasonic button but nothing indicates its location. They cannot determine whether the Touch ID will be below the screen or not. Instead, they discovered a Home button called Home Indicator. Finally, the iPhone 8 will have a function “Tap to Wake” as on Windows Phone. With a double tap on the screen, you will definitely get the iPhone 8 out of its sleep.


  • The HomePod speaker reveals its true design


The iPhone 8 has been betrayed by the firmware of the HomePod speaker Apple. The document unveils its design and the presence of a facial recognition system. The developer Steve Troughton-Smith has discovered at the heart of the firmware of the Apple HomePod speaker indications on the iPhone 8.

The smartphone will have a biometric facial scanner. A system called “BKFaceDetect” is mentioned. “BK” refers to “BiometricKit”. Apple had used the same letters for the Touch ID.

The code also refers to a device named D22 and a “Pearl ID” function. In fact, “D22” would be the code name of the iPhone 8 and “Pearl ID” would match ” Face ID”.  The firmware also refers to infrared functions. This is probably the kind of technology that Apple intends to use for face detection.

It is not known however whether this “Face ID” will be able to do 3D mapping or if the iPhone 8 will have a single infrared sensor. The first solution offers a much higher level of security. There is still one more question to be clarified. So will the Touch ID still be there? If so, where will it be placed? The HomePod firmware does not answer this question.