If you practice a sport regularly you certainly have to notice that standard lingerie is not really suitable for exercise, so it is highly recommended to wear a special bra. To renounce it could weaken the tissue of the breast and cause it to lose its firmness and form. During a simple jogging, the breasts sway. This may be why you have had a back or chest pain after a race or training. So here are tips to choose your sports bra:

Why wear a special bra for the sport?

  • It will ensure optimal comfort by avoiding friction thanks to models with little seams or without.
  • Often conceived in antiperspirant and anti-bacterial technical materials, it will allow breathing your body while avoiding odors due to perspiration.
  • The sports models will not lose their ability to maintain and, unlike the classic lingerie, will not limit the movements of the chest (thus avoiding tensions on the ligaments that cause pain or even premature collapse of the breasts).

Which bra model to choose?

  • The sports bras are all in the form of a bra. They are therefore without reinforcement, not to hurt the skin, but are none the less supporting. Opting for a model with preformed cups will ensure even more support.
  • Choose a model with wide shoulder straps and a racer back that will keep you from slipping.
  • Check that the elastic under the chest is wide enough to hold the bra firmly in place.

At the closure level, there are three possibilities:

  • Either you staple your bra in the back.
  • Either you staple it at the front between your breasts for more practicality and ease.
  • Or there is no closure system and you put it on or take it off like a T-shirt.

For that, it is up to you to choose according to your needs! After all, it is all about concerning the materials, favor the models based on elastin, for more comfort.

Well-thought sports lingerie, thanks to university research

A survey revealed that 56% of women experience pain because of breast bouncing during exercise: tossing is what every woman is confronted with, regardless of her cup size and firmness of her breast. The chest is not a muscle. Indeed, the mammary tissues are retained only by delicate ligaments (Cooper’s ligaments) which stretch during the movements. If this happens frequently, the breasts quickly lose their shape and firmness.

Why Do I Need A Sports Bra?

The majority of classic bras are not suitable for physical exercise: a well-chosen sports bra reduces this phenomenon of ballooning. Lingerie-sport meets the requirements of women sports or sportive casual. We have the experience to bring you a wide range of sports bras made by real specialists.

Sport puts chest to the test

As part of her work at the University of Portsmouth, researcher Joanna Scurr recruited 70 women who, according to her, represent “the largest range of breast forms ever studied to date.” According to the observations, the movements to which the breasts are subjected during physical exercise, even moderate, are much more important than was previously believed. While the brassieres are designed for a maximum displacement of 16 cm, the British scientist has shown that the breasts can move 21 cm during a regular exercise session.


Another example, let’s take the example of a breast of 400g.(90B):

When impacting in sports practice like Yoga, Pilates; the breast “weighs” three times as much, i.e. 1200g. A sport like a tennis, jogging, horseback riding … the breast “weighs” five times more, i.e. 2000g. And during jogging, for example, the chest weighs 9 centimeters on each stride and thus 84 meters during a 1 km race.

No matter the size of the breasts, the repercussion of the movements on the chest is the same. For women wearing a sports bra with an A cup, the breast movement is reduced by 53% and by 55% for those wearing a G cap. In addition, of movement from top to bottom. However, they neglected lateral and forward / backward movements, clearly measured by the scientist. Joanna Scurr, the expert in breast biomechanics, is working hand in hand with the manufacturers to develop ever more sporting bras. A well-designed sports bra relieves women’s pain in 80% of cases.

In Conclusion:

  • The sports bra is essential, it is as important a choice as running shoes.
  • Take your measurements every year.
  • The size of the breast (link on the technical guide) of a woman can vary rapidly: loss or gain of weight, pregnancies, and variations according to the age. A suitable size will optimize the maintenance of your sports bra.
  • The intensity of sports activity determines the level and the depth of the bonnet that determine the choice of the level of maintenance of your sports bra.