The iPad mini 4 is positioned in a good position and the iOS ecosystem Of Apple that has proved its worth over the years. We like it or not, but its qualities are undeniable.




Apple iPad mini 4 comes with the A8 processor’s best performance, rear photo sensor enhancement, anti-glare screen quality, new compactness and lightness, ergonomics, Touch ID fingerprint reader and excellent battery life but set back compared to previous models.


After an iPad mini 3 that won only the Touch ID, Apple launches an iPad mini 4 offering a few more evolutions: processor, sensor, screen coating, compact … Should we nevertheless yield to these new Assets?

A few years ago, the iPad mini was our favorite tablet. Its 7.9-inch Retina display and its small footprint accompanied us everywhere throughout the day and we even came to doubt the need for a larger iPad. There’s always room for an iPad and for tablets in general, a question that has been coming up again and again since the iPad has appeared.


The Mini 4 appears as a real evolution of the adoption of the A8 processor, a slightly improved photo sensor, and a Retina display, offering more depth in colors and brighter. It is a finer and lighter bonus. Like the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro, it also supports the function of screen sharing that proposes iOS 9.

In many ways, the iPad mini 4 is an iPad Air 2 miniature, but it is almost as expensive for the 16 GB model, 64 GB and for the 128 GB. In the end, the iPad Mini 4 costs less than an iPad Air 2. But when you spend as much money on a tablet, why not directly opt for the top model? The reverse is also true knowing that the iPad mini 2 is still on the market with a price that has risen for the 16GB version. Certainly, it does not have the Touch ID drive and it is a little less Performing as the mini 4. But it does ample business for common tasks by offering a very close display quality.


The main attraction of the iPad mini is its clutter and this argument remains valid. The iOS 9 operating system also brings a lot and this is perhaps the best incentive to choose this model. If you like this format and do not have a phablet, then the Mini 4 is a good option. But those who own a mini iPad 2 or 3 do not have frankly interest in switching to this model.

The era of a clear distinction between screen sizes and associated features is over. Borders are more blurry and permeable. If you have a 5-inch or larger smartphone, the 7.9-inch screen of the iPad mini 4, 4: 3 ratio, is more comfortable for productivity applications than a 16: 9 format. The mini is more comfortable to read and is easily slipped into a bag. We also used it to take notes in landscape mode. But it must be said that one can also watch movies, play and do a lot of things on a phablet.


The screen of the iPad mini 4 is more powerful than that of the two previous models. The design of its slab with Retina technology is the same (2048*1536 pixels), but the screen has the anti-reflective coating and the laminated technology of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. The difference is notable, the colors are richer and more vivid. This is equivalent to what the iPad Air 2 offers.




The front camera has a resolution of 1.2 megapixels than the other iPad. However, it inherits the burst mode. On the other hand, the rear photo sensor goes from 5 to 8 megapixels as on the iPad Air 2. Performance is enough to make small personal movies, but not more. The iPad mini 4, like its predecessors, is a perfect tool for making video calls via FaceTime or Skype.

Multitasking, yes, but a bit cramped

One of the key arguments in favor of the iPad mini 4 is the appearance of the shared window mode that iOS 9 brings. But its operation is uneven. Simple applications like Twitter or Messages operate without difficulty.

On the other hand, note taking associated with web browsing is less satisfactory, in particular, because of the screen size. The option is appreciable, it must be admitted. But if multitasking is really important to you, then it is better to consider a larger diagonal.


The A8 processor of the iPad Mini 4 seems to be slightly faster than the other version. The iPad Mini 4 boasts more RAM (2 GB), but the processor technology is more than a year old.

This may explain why some games, such as “Geometry Wars 3”, which runs smoothly on the iPad Air 2 are less impressive on the mini 4. The A8X chip of the iPad Air 2 is always more powerful. The iPhone 2015 have a new A9 processor while the iPad Pro receives an A9X.

We did not have any particular difficulty doing what we wanted with the iPad mini 4. We could play our favorite games (“Geometry Wars 3”, “Hearthstone”, “Legend of Grimrock”) and a large number of daily tasks (e-mail, Twitter, web browsing, Netflix, Kindle …). This iPad mini 4 offers solid performance and does not disappoint.


Battery life

The results are spectacular. On our looped video playback test with the airplane mode enabled, the iPad mini 4 holds 9 h 34 min. It’s half an hour less than the 10 hours announced by Apple. An iPad mini 2 under iOS 9.1 newly acquired holds 11 h 22 min on the same test. It must be admitted that we have never had the least problem of autonomy in everyday use.

Aside from multitasking, it has the latest hardware developments of iOS (including 3D Touch). In our eyes, the iPad mini 4 offers better value for money. We are very curious to see what the iPad mini 5 will look like. It will surely be an even more important evolution.