Its release is scheduled for late October, but the iPhone 8 already seems to be the most happening Apple’s smartphone that has been the most leaked, and we already know a lot of information about this phone that will revolutionize the world of smartphones. And it’s far from finished since two of the most famous leakers in the world have decided to add a layer.

In new releases, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities ( Apple’s best analyst on the planet) and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg have come back on no less than 20 new features of the iPhone 8. It is however interesting to note that this information is not only relevant, but also the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus – improved versions of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, which will be launched at the same time as the iPhone 8.

Here is the list, divided into two categories:

Confirmation of previous leaks:

  • Apple will launch three iPhones in 2017: a 4.7-inch iPhone 7S, an iPhone 7S Plus 5.5-inch, both equipped with LCD screens; and finally an iPhone 8 equipped with a 5.8-inch OLED screen.
  • The Home key will be missing from the iPhone 8.
  • The front camera of the iPhone 8 will have a 3D scanner and a facial recognition system.
  • The iPhone 7S will only have one camera and 2GB of RAM.
  • The iPhone 7S Plus will own a dual camera and 3GB of RAM.
  • The iPhone 8 will (most certainly) equip with a dual camera and 3GB of RAM.

New information:

  • The iPhone 8 will have the best ratio size/screen of the world among the smartphones market.
  • The Touch ID will not be integrated on the iPhone 8 screen but abandoned.
  • The Touch ID will remain on the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, but both smartphones. will probably not have facial recognition.
  • The iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 will only be sold in 64GB and 256GB. Goodbye 128GB models.
  • The Lightning port is retained on the three new iPhones, but the USB-C will be integrated for a faster charge.
  • The three iPhones will always come with the same 5W power adapter with USB-A port, the fast charger will probably be an option.
  • The iPhone 8 will have more powerful speakers and the jack is missing from all models.
  • The iPhone 8 will be sold in fewer colors than the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus, at least in the beginning.
  • Confirmation that the iPhone 8 will not possess Touch ID recognition.
  • The advanced face recognition technology of the iPhone 8 will allow users to connect, confirm payments and open secure applications by scanning their face.
  • Facial recognition of the iPhone 8 will be supported by a 3D sensor and an iris scanner.
  • The iPhone 8 may be equipped with the ProMotion function, used on iPad Pro e 10.5 and 12.9 inches.
  • ProMotion improves the performance or saves battery life if needed.
  • The iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will be equipped with metal frames to allow for wireless charging.
  • Wireless charging on all these new iPhones will come in the form of an optional accessory.
  • The DRAM transfer speed of iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will be 10 to 15% faster than the iPhone 7 for improved AR performance.
  • All three iPhones will be unveiled simultaneously “for an optimized promotional effect”.
  • But the release dates will extend between August and September for iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, and October-November for iPhone 8. Shipments should be 80 to 85 million units, half LCD, half OLED.

The iPhone 8 will surely beat sales records, so Ming-Chi Kuo warns that iPhone 8 stocks will be very limited until mid-2018.  However, it has not been mentioned the increased resolution expected on the iPhone 8, the new function area of iOS 11, nor even the explosion of prices in the range. And, a final point that may be difficult to swallow, the Touch ID may be permanently abandoned.

Apple is finally making efforts and intends to present an iPhone 8 beyond all that we could dream, hope, see before in the market. After three generations of almost identical models, for many fans, it could no longer wait…

The iOS 11: Apple OS Begins To Disjoin

Apple’s iOS 11 is full of features (many of which are hidden), but following reports of some malfunctions, we advised iPhone users to wait before the update. A well-advised advice, we know now, because now the iOS 11 makes its own …

While waiving the usual complaints published online by users about the lifetime of their battery after an iOS update, the company achieved this result by monitoring the activity of “a group of 50,000 people making moderate to very frequent use of iPhones and iPads” on its network operating the iOS 11 and iOS 10. Experience has shown that the battery life of iOS 11 devices degrades more than twice as fast as iOS 10 devices.

The company suggests to severely affected users to moderate the problem by limiting the number of applications running in the background and accessing the phone rental until Apple finds a solution.

However, being aware of the limited potential of these options, low battery mode could be the best option until Apple comes with new updates that hopefully will remedy excessive discharge of the battery. Some people switching to iOS 11 have minimized the damage by opting for a more drastic action of resetting their iPhones, but this option has a downside: you cannot reset and then restore the phone from a previous backup, but only configure the laptop as a brand new device. This involves losing all applications, data, and settings – and again, it does not work for everyone.

Curiously, we have not seen any reports of problems with iPhones 8 recently released. It seems that the victims of malfunctions are only users who have updated.  Therefore, if you switched to iOS 11 and found no side effects, it’s rejoicing. On the other hand, if your phone is hit or you have not yet done the update, you can only wait for iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.0.1, not too long, which we allow ourselves to doubt!