The main thing, Apple introduced three smartphones during its keynote of September 12: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The first two go on sale from 22 September. The iPhone X will only be available on November 3rd.

Boasted as the biggest revolution since the iPhone, the iPhone X is equipped with two 12 megapixel cameras, a facial recognition Face recognition system, a wireless charging system. It will have 2 hours more autonomy than the iPhone 7 and hosts animojis, animated emojis that users can share exclusively via iMessage.

From the outside, Apple’s new smartphone looks strangely like its predecessor. It has a more powerful processor and an improved camera.  For the tenth anniversary of its flagship product, Apple has unveiled its phones with its face recognition, new design, and an edge-to-edge screen. the iPhone X on sale in November) was the star in Cupertino. And the iPhone 8 then?

Seen from the outside, the second model presented by Apple has an air of déjà-vu. The dimensions of its case are the same as those of the iPhone 7, like those of its screen, always 5.5 inches and always limited by borders (unlike the iPhone X). We even find the good old round button to press to unlock the screen (which must also disappear with the iPhone X).

What are the differences between – iPhone 7 and iPhone 8?

  • First difference: the processor

To find the main difference between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8, one must look at the processor side. This new model comes with a Bionic A11 chip, which would be 70% faster than the iPhone 7. The results of the first benchmarks are impressive.

  • Second difference: the induction charger

Finished the aluminum back on this new generation, Apple switches to the glass front. It may be feared that this choice will make the phone more fragile. But the firm with the apple ensures that it is the “most resistant glass ever seen on a smartphone, in the front as in the back”, although the firm does not explain how it arrived at this conclusion or how this glass, manufactured by Corning, is different from the Gorilla Glass 5.

These new facades have been introduced to allow wireless recharging. Once it is not customary, Apple allows its users to acquire either the induction charger from its partner Belkin or to choose any charger to standard IQ. Simply put the smartphone on the holder, and the charging is supposed to be as fast as with a cable.

  • Third difference: the camera

Photo enthusiasts will be served with this new model. The definition of the images always amounts to 12 megapixels, but the sensor is bigger and faster. A dual photo sensor (available on the iPhone 8 + only) also allows the Portrait function: the pictured subject can be immediately spotted and detoured from the background.

It is then possible to blur the background or pass it in black and white, for example, photo studio way. The boundary between person and background is sometimes poorly delimited by the device and this kind of retouching is not always a success, but the effect remains rather bluffing.

  • Fourth difference: augmented reality

Augmented reality apps are now available on every iPhone that has switched to iOS 11. But with the powerful iPhone 8 processor, rendering is smoother, faster to load and the textures are more accurate.  Unlike virtual reality, which consists of a fully virtual and 3D representation of an environment, augmented reality allows the addition of 3D elements in its environment. Through the screen of his smartphone one will be able to visualize virtual objects around oneself.

Various applications, downloadable on the App Store or even in the project, have already been imagined by the developers. The most popular is that which allows testing IKEA furniture at home: There are also many fun applications: tactical or combat games, adoption of a pet in 3D, 3D drawing.Some sports and office applications are also available, such as the one that brings 3D Excel graphics directly to your desktop.

  • Fifth difference: the screen

The Retina HD screen remains the same as the iPhone 7 but now includes the True Tone feature already available on the iPad Pro. This feature adjusts the screen to the ambient light and gives a more natural, and less tiring to the eyes.

Moreover, according to Apple, the loudspeakers are 25% more powerful on this new model.

A model more expensive than the iPhone 7

Powerful, promising on augmented reality, the iPhone 8 is a good choice for those attached to the classic design of the iPhone, which, failing to dream with a futuristic aspect (screen to the edge, virtualized button …) has the deserves to be ergonomic and easy to handle.