Despite the use of wired headsets, the Bluetooth wind blowing on the plains of binaural nomadism is inescapable. If you want to be free like air, here’s what you can do to make the right choice.

The “No strings attached”so dear to our generation is worth as much love as technology. In audio, the nomadic enclosures were the first ambassadresses, then the helmets were also in tune. From the simple wireless listening solution to multifunction headsets, the different filters of this comparison will meet your desires and your expectations.

Do not miss out the Key Points:


    • Sound quality

    • It goes without saying that sound quality is paramount. Nomadic helmets are not only subjected to the same battery of tests as the high-end helmets (frequency balance, sound accuracy,) but must also show white leg as to the impact of Bluetooth transmission on sound quality, In particular on the harmonic distortion rate. All these measurements are described and explained in the audio section.
      • Ergonomics

      The advantage of a Bluetooth mobile headset lies in the freedoms it offers that of the head, the movements of which are no longer hindered by a cable, that of hands, with the hands-free kit, and that provided by the controls on the headphones.

    • Their completeness is important, as is their ease of use. Independence from an electrical outlet, namely the autonomy of the helmet, is also relevant.
      • Insulation


      If the active noise reduction is not always present, the pads nevertheless offer a more or less good passive isolation of the external noises … and inversely protect more or less well the outside of the music that you listen!

    • So, if you take the subway at rush hour and keep your life, prefer a helmet that will not inconvenience the whole train.
      • Design

      One can avail oneself of appearances, it is nevertheless an object of which one is crowned several hours a day.

    • Beyond the aesthetics, the construction is also important: a robust cable, a solid arch, resistant pads, good comfort and adaptability to all cranial templates are all factors to take into consideration during of the purchase of a nomadic helmet.What are the test procedures?

      The battery of acoustic tests that are passed to these headphones includes the frequency response, the harmonic distortion rate, the response to the square signals, the impulse response (latency induced by the wireless transmission between the sound and the image), and many others. In order not to weigh down the article, we publish only the first two and the last, or even the third in case of the excellent or terrible result.The best 4 headphones of the moment:

      The headphones that will suit the greatest number, the best value for money, tight budget, no price limit…

      1. Plantronics BackBeat Pro

      Who says the Plantronics Backbeat Pro is present in this field: it offers a myriad of features extremely well integrated, a true quality of call and a stunning autonomy.

  • And all this by ensuring excellent performances in terms of audio. That is the demand of the people? And if you find it voluminous, do not hesitate to listen to its successor, the BackBeat Pro 2.
    1. Jabra Move Wireless

      Lightweight, design, and performance: the Jabra Move Wireless is an excellent choice for tight budgets. It offers a very good sound in Bluetooth and also enjoys an excellent battery life and condition.

      1. Bose QuietComfort 35

      The latest addition to the renowned Quiet Comfort family, a pioneer in the field of active noise reduction headsets, is now Bluetooth.

      The absence of wire could have been detrimental to the audio quality, but it is not: the QC35 delivers an excellent sound performance, both balanced and musical, while retaining everything that made the old model a classic – comfort, robustness, fluidity of use, autonomy and of course a formidable reduction of active noise.


      1. Sony MDR-1000X

        With the MDR-1000X, the East brings together the best of the West. In fact, the Nippon gifted not only offers an active noise reduction comparable to QuietComfort but also multiple features (at the Parrot) and excellent sound quality (dear to Plantronics).