Like all manufacturers, LG has decided to review every year are high-end and to propose an evolution. In 2012 we had LG Optimus G (and its boosted version the LG Optimus G Pro) and in 2013 the LG G2.


The LG G2 was then the sign of a new revival of the South Korean manufacturer with LG Nexus 4. LG introduced the LG G3 in its 2GB version of RAM and 16GB of ROM, knowing that there is a boosted version with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM (RAM: RAM, ROM: the memory of storage).

How beautiful it is

The LG G3 is so beautiful that one can almost have tears in their eyes!  Well, certainly, the back is still not metal, but well plastic, but the effect is there. Visually, this smartphone has its effect.

  • Front face

A screen of 5.5 inches (14.7cm of diagonal) below which one will find the logo LG.

Above, the front photo sensor, as well as the brightness and proximity sensors. Not to mention the headset.


  • Back / Back

The back photo sensor, accompanied by a dual LED flash, as well as a laser sensor. There is also the LG logo and loudspeaker.

Once the battery cover is removed, the battery location (extractable) can be accessed as well as the location of the micro SD and the sim card (micro format).

  • Upper side

The secondary mic input and an infrared port.

  • Lower side

A 3.5 jack, a primary microphone input, and the micro USB port.


A mobile that despite its significant dimensions (screen 5.5 inches oblige) is perfectly in hand. There are therefore large dimensions (145.5 x 74.6 x 9.1 mm) but surprisingly, due to a successful design, make the G3 air less bulky than the G2. And weight side is the same because this phablet weighs only 153 grams.

  • Flexion

If this phone is made of plastic, the Corning Gorilla 3 is so rigid that the G3 does not bend.

  • Pressure


Impressive, the phone is so thin that one could have waited for the screen to be directly impacted in case of strong pressure, but no, the slab is too rigid for that. Very beautiful. This LG G3 is full of eyes with a successful design. Especially since it is available in 3 colors (for now): black, white or gold.

 Image and sound: WOW!

The LG G2’s Full HD screen was already very beautiful (among the best of the time) but the LG G3 is just stunning. This is the most beautiful screen of all current production.

  • Screen


A superb 5.5-inch screen, with Quad HD resolution, therefore 2530 x 1440 pixels! This gives us a pixel density never reached on a 529PPP mobile (Pixels Per Inch or PPI: Pixels Per Inch).

It is beautiful and so clear that we can no longer see the pixels with the naked eye. And even the macro mode of my camera does not.

  • Touch panel


What to say? It relies on a Corning Gorilla 3, works wonderfully, and is super-responsive.

  • Loudspeaker, earphone, 3.5 jack

The loudspeaker provides a clear and powerful sound (1 watt). But it is now placed at the back of the mobile (while on the previous model, it was on the bottom slice).  We also find an earphone that works naturally wonderfully. The opposite would have been surprising.

Finally, the jack 3.5 (CTIA) provides a completely normal sound, without parasite. Logic on a mobile of this range.

LG G3 is powerful!


LG G3 is equipped with the best components of the moment: processor four-cores 2.5GHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801), 2GB of RAM (also available in 3Go) and a graphics processor Adreno 330. As for storage space, the theoretical 16GB available on this mobile are converted into 10GB usable by the user (the 32GB version falls to 24GB).  But fortunately, a micro SD slot will add up to 128GB of memory.

Intact Connectivity


The LG G3 is an ultra-connected mobile, with nothing missing.  This is logically a quad-band GSM, with a mobile web connection.  A 4M LTE (150Mb / s), including WiFi, Bluetooth, aGPS / GLONASS, NFC, infrared, FM radio, 3.5 jack, micro SD, micro sim, etc. And in addition, we find even the wireless charging function so appreciable (note LG will also market a holder/charger Qi).

Operating system: Android LG sauce

Yes, this is an Android system, and yes, LG has decided to put an overlay on this same system.

  • Operating system

This is Android 4.4.2 “KitKat”, the latest version to date (if we except the 4.4.4 still reserved for Nexus 4 and 5).  A perfect system, complete, efficient, powerful, customizable.

  • Overlay builder


LG is a brand that knows how to make the overlay, it was especially noticed on the previous generation.  But the good part of the G3 is that it offers a new trendy design, “flat design” style. Note also that the keyboard has been optimized, because you can now choose the size (it can now half the screen in portrait mode). A system perfectly reworked by the South Korean manufacturer.

Use: good to do

The LG G3 is this type of good-to-do mobile and that knows to excel in all areas.  So yes, some may blame it for not being waterproof (not water or dust) contrary to some competitors (Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z2), but for all the rest, he answers present to the ‘call.


A mobile that will appeal to professionals (emails, mobile web, GPS, etc.) and to individuals (mp3 player, video player, video games, etc.).

  • Camera

A photo sensor (dorsal) of 13MP double LED flash, autofocus and laser sensor to allow the latter to go faster still.  The pictures are beautiful, and it is clearly one of the best sensors of the moment (on a smartphone).


As for the frontal sensor, this is a 2.1MP which will take a few selfies history to make friends laugh, but also, which will allow you to do video (or any other Skype). In addition, to spoil nothing, this phone films in 4K! And yes, it already meets the future standards.

  • Autonomy

A battery of 3000 mAh which will give this mobile a satisfactory autonomy, in spite of this very big screen Quad HD.  A real-life test (80% brightness, 50% sound, all open connections, Full HD video playback) consumed 2 %% of the battery in just over 5 minutes.


We can extrapolate that a video of one hour would have consumed about 20% of the battery. This is quite acceptable considering the specifications of this smartphone.

Conclusion: A perfect mobile on all functional aspects.


We recommend the LG G3 without a doubt! It has a sophisticated and successful design, a breathtaking image, complete connectivity to which nothing is missing.  The system is superbly well worked, with a trendy overcoat (“flat design”). Still, the performance is set back (probably due to the Quad HD display’s crazy resolution) compared to the previous generation (the LG G2 has a full HD screen). Without this penalizing the use of this mobile (in fact, one does not realize it).

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