Who doesn’t love denim? We got to look for lessons of style to avoid missteps while we go out on a denim spree. Let’s choose from the selection of all jeans, decrypting celebrity looks. You will know everything about the essential fashion trend of the season: colored jeans, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, baggy jeans or destroy jeans right here. So check out the latest collection at crazydeals.com.


Ever thought of eco-friendly jeans?

It’s time to dump your timeworn denim and jeans this fall/winter. Check out the hippy Levis Strauss. It is the pioneer. It invented the jean meeting the needs of society. Originally, the jeans was designed in a practical concern: it had to be solid and comfortable! First manufactured with the tent and truck tarpaulins, it is then made of cotton produced in Nimes, and takes a name we know well: “denim”.

The jeans then through the centuries: the Levis 501 is the undisputed basic beginnings of jeans, it becomes female in the 40’s, symbol of rebellion in the 50s, sensual in the 60s, cool in the 70s, rock in the 80 customized in the 90. This jeans knows declinations to infinity!

Focus on the best jeans:


The right jeans: the Real! It is comfortable to day with sneakers and stylish night with pumps! It adapts to all styles can be grunge, holes, worn with boots, a biker jacket and studded accessories; or so preppy loafers with a small blouse and jacket. It’s a real basic! Rolled up, it is very trendy! This is a good way to point to your shoes it’s a shame to hide!

The skinny jeans: To lengthen the silhouette, there is no better! Be careful to choose it, and not take too long or too tight: it must remain comfortable! Black is an indispensable piece of rock silhouette, but also loves colorful summer! Crude, it will be your ally every day!

The flare jeans: straight out of the 70s! Fitted to the top of the knees, then flared, we love our flare jeans, always comfortable for a hippie chic look! With heels, it was all good: it raiser buttocks, legs extends and refines the size. Emblematic, this denim could only appeal to fashionistas!

The boyfriend jeans: your best friend for a casual look androgynous and always trendy! It is very cool on thin, but also very practical for the round because it hides the curves. We like the “skinny boyfriend” which further enhances the silhouette, being narrower at the thighs, but the baggy boyfriend, excessively wide from top to bottom! It avoids the effect “bag” at any price, and brought our baggy jeans with heels or wedges! Otherwise, it carries our boyfriend jeans with slippers for a very fashion and androgynous effect, and with gingham ballerina for a retro touch.


The printed denim: fashionable summer and winter, dark as clear, the printed denim energizes your outfits! We love the baroque velvet brocades, the ribbed effect, camouflage, stripes, patchwork, and flowers, and peas, mixed colors for the warm season. They say yes to animal prints (python, panther, leopard), but watch a fashion faux pas happen quickly! We wear these jeans printed with a simple top, or at least united, and avoids the total look … but feel free to wear it with all types of shoes: studded boots for a quick draw rock, sneakers for a casual look, or still flat sandals for a natural effect!

The straight jeans XL: a neo-base! Straight, wide and tall, it is essential to accessorize for a trendy look: it will refine your figure worn with wedge heels, and will be bohemian with a cropped sweater in winter, and a loose top in the summer! It makes the classic jean law and practice with the Spartan, which can boost by choosing the color of neon! We shifted the cheek with pumps with animal prints (leopard or python) but we choose a rather sober top, worn with a coat!

What’s hottest this season?


In recent seasons, the denim shorts became a staple of the summer wardrobe. It’s a faithful crack for its relaxed pace and comfy walk. The followers of denim love have been creating their own models by shortening of old pairs of jeans; many tutorials are available on the Web if the project tempt you! This week we have chosen to present few fixtures according to the denim shorts trend this fall/winter. But first, here are some basic tips to wear it.

Tips to wear denim shorts

  • A larger

The denim shorts is more flattering to the silhouette when slightly larger. We advise you to take a size less for jeans, the reverse applies for short. So do not be afraid to take one or even two sizes more for your denim shorts. We especially want to avoid compressing the thigh and fork.

  • It covers what to cover

No matter what your figure, be sure to conceal the roundness of the buttocks, as pretty as it is. Although some models seem to convince us otherwise, the denim shorts is not an underwear or a bikini panties – no kidding.

  • Hide your underwear

If you like the worn and torn models, make sure they do not reveal your underwear.

  • Adopt the trend borders

The curled or fringed edges are among the most trend this season. Catch up the feisty fashion sale right now before you miss out any!

  • Warning … with heels?

Beware of high heels combined with mini-shorts. If you want to arrange them, rock the look by adding a high enough covering (sleeve lanyards, blazer, etc.)

Denim Inspirations


More relaxed than the little black dress and boilerplate through seasons that white dress, the denim dress definitely has the odds for back to school. If you do not have a denim dress, we recommend investing in a model blouse dress for fall. Catch up with its sleeves (which can easily roll up when it’s hot) make it a real garment for all four seasons. Get inspired by denim dresses as well as choosing some cuts that are pretty hot this season that includes slits and side cuts. Moreover, this is an almost timeless style, which can therefore take a long time, while remaining on page!

The denim stimulation

There are also several dresses to get you that “denim look” on the market and of course if you shop online for ease. Choose from a wide range of trinkets, accessories, shoes and bottoms. Our eyes caught up a denim contrasting material; actually made of lyocell (Tencel or is the same thing). What is this? It is a natural eco-friendly fiber that comes from wood pulp, wrinkle resistant and easy to care. It is also a great choice!


The denim dress combines the comfort of a nice frankly girly look. The result? One look does not feel to do too much hand while making sure to be stylish. While it is still nice and warm, how about denim dress with gladiator sandals? A look is all the rage among fashionistas! How can you resist! Besides, we think it’s a dress that would be perfect for a first date: you spread the word girls!