The iPhone 8, the next Apple smartphone, must create surprise while the iPhone 7 has not been unanimous and that the year 2017 marks the ten years of the iPhone. The rumors are going well at all levels, from the size of the smartphone to the new features.

The latest is its launch. There would be a possibility for Apple to anticipate the launch of its next smartphone before usual calendar date: September 2017.

Will the iPhone 8 be available before September 2017?
It was, however, one of the data that nobody dared to question: the month of the launch of the iPhone 8. As usual, we lend to Apple the will to launch its next smartphone in September 2017 or before, the September being the usual month for the keynote of the Cupertino firm. All specialists were, therefore, expecting the iPhone 8 to be launched at that time.

A renowned blog sites suggested a release of the iPhone 8 earlier than expected and, above all, sooner than usual Apple for its iPhone. Production of the iPhone 8 would begin in June 2017 against July 2017 usually.

A superior sales forecast and a longer production time

The early release could mean something else about Apple’s next smartphone. The Cupertino firm may want to secure its back and meet the demand: if the iPhone 8 is innovative as desired by the fans of the brand (and as suggested by Apple) the demand is likely to be very high.

But the date of putting into advanced production could also be explained by an iPhone more difficult to produce, and therefore longer, and more complex.

IP68 certification could become the industry standard

If the announcement of an iPhone 8 certified IP68 will undoubtedly delight the fans of the brand, Apple seems to simply follow the trend launched by Samsung and which should also be the trend of other manufacturers.

Other manufacturers, including Chinese manufacturers, should align with this new standard of the mobile industry, which would no longer be reserved for the very high end.

Steel Frame for the iPhone 8: A Rewind?

Apple has already used stainless steel chassis for its smartphones: the iPhone 4 was the latest model to be built in steel. But, according to DigiTimes, no question for Apple to bring back to date a dated design: if the material is rumored to be stainless steel, Apple Insider believes that the group will opt for a forged steel.

Above all, this rumor confirms the insistent one of an iPhone that would have two plates of glass, one in the front and one in the back. These two plates would be mounted on the steel chassis which would then be in the middle. Add to this the current trend of edgeless displays like the Galaxy S7 Edge, and it is possible to imagine an iPhone 8 completely covered with glass, at least on the side edges (but, why not, on the edges of the Top and bottom).

Will the next iPhone embed a more specialized artificial intelligence?

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, has improved over time and has become much more efficient. But Siri could become much smarter in 2017. Apple aims to improve Siri’s capabilities through artificial intelligence, and this trend is expected to gain momentum in 2017 for smartphones in general.