Top 5 Smartphones in 2014


People are craze in using smart phone depends upon consumer desire every phone manufactures progress out with their innovative ideas and techniques but all smart phone designs are not in user’s wish list.

The below smart phones are ranked as per consumer reviews, ratings, usage and best selling rate.

  1.  Apple IPhone 5S

iPhone 5S in UAE

It’s obvious iPhone is the famous smartphone which has more number of beloved customers. The latest iPhone model is 5S it is released after iPhone 5C. The basic differences between iPhone 5C and 5S are price, color, processor and fingerprint scanner. iPhone 5S comes with the new fingerprint scanner for high security purpose and the processor is advanced with huge memory also it costs high than 5C but for colorful option it is better to opt for 5C since it comes with different colors.

2. HTC one

HTC one in UAE

Next comes HTC, it occupies second place upon customers. It is the super LCD3 capacitive touch screen smart phone designed and developed using android OS. HTC attracts customer with its sleek aluminum body also this phone has been crowned in 2013. It has good embedded rechargeable Li-polymer battery which withstands up to 18 hours after unplugged. Initially it is released only in few countries at present this phone availability is worldwide.

People can have choice of buying smartphones in online store rather than buying in shop directly this will be better for cost saving. Since electronics are cheaper in Middle Eastern countries like UAE, people can opt for UAE online stores. Compared to all gulf countries mobiles in Dubai, UAE would be cheaper.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy 4 in UAE

This is the Smartphone which comes with Android OS as same as HTC and it is the manufacture of Samsung. It has a fantastic camera with powerful quad core processor. You can take dual shot and enjoy those moments with your family and friends also it has a unique drama shot this feature lets you take a series of pictures of any moving subject and puts them together. It is the advanced version of S3 and you can enjoy everything what you have missed in S3.

4.  LG G2

LG G2 in UAE

G2 is one of the manufactures by LG it is the latest trendy mobile which is available in white, black, red and attractive gold colors. Among these red and gold are the new released models these two colors has a fresh coat of paint. The biggest talk about this phone is about its size and build of its manufacture. The volume buttons has been moved to back of the phone and the knock on is an awesome technique which works by simply tapping the touch screen twice.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3 in UAE

Once again Samsung manufacture in top 5. Galaxy Note 3 is manufactured by Samsung electronics which comes with plenty of colors like black, white, pink, merlot red rose gold black and rose gold white. It supports dual SIM with 3G connection and developed with android 4.3 jelly bean OS. It is designed with 3200 mAh battery which can withstand up to 420 hours.

Complete mobile prices in UAE could vary often due to new releases. It’s quite good to be updated with all mobile prices before grabbing it one.