To be honest, these are utmost suggestions from Google Play Store to help you find the best Android applications. Because who says better does not necessarily say the most downloaded: it is especially necessary to match your desires, your habits, and your needs. We spend our days to test applications of all kinds. So from billions of applications designed, here are few. But before that you need to know a bit about Google Play Store.


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Looking rather for our selection of the best Android games? Head rather here: we have not included the best applications that are found everywhere, who are the most downloaded (Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc.) but a selection of different titles, to truly offer the best current Android Apps. Because we do not necessarily want to link a payment method to our Google account or because we cannot all spend money in Android apps, check out the following.

01. Drupe


Looking for an Android app that makes your daily life? It may well be that Drupe for you. With this unique application, you can interact with your contacts from any application on your smartphone or tablet. The goal is simple, move a contact to the application you want to call, send a message (Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) and even create multiple conversations. This is one of those apps that will revolutionize the way you communicate on Android. Yes, many Android users complain about nagging apps, but no more with Drupe. 

  • Drupe, the application that rethinks how to communicate on Android.
  • The operating principle is simple and is done with a simple “drag and drop”.
  • To interact with your contacts, you can select directly from your phonebook.
  • If you tend to interact more with some people than others, then they will be automatically deported to a favorites list.
  • The interface is fluid and well built: the contacts are on the left and the right applications.
  • Drupe The app is free on the Google Play Store.


 02. Instabridge


In recent days, the term “revolution” is really too become commonplace. If I had to give my opinion, I do not say that Instabridge application is revolutionary, but a good idea. Why not a revolution? So now here you do not have to worry seeking for free Wi-Fi. No matter where you are; this application is always actively showing results. Simply because these types of applications already existed, but were not as popular.

  • Instabridge allows you to find free Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.
  • To cut to the chase, this application introduces a new feature on the device on which it is installed.
  • Finally new, it improves Wi-Fi and makes it more intelligent by displaying a clear map that shows the location of free Wi-Fi available and open range.
  • A 3G and / or 4G is required to access the card, but you can connect to your favorite Wi-Fi without being connected to the Internet via mobile networks 3G / 4G.
  • Instabridge application is available free on the Play Store.

top-7-revolutionary-android-apps-0403. Waze

Waze is a GPS. On Android, certainly there is Google Maps which is the case most of the time, but you must admit that you have already said that probable are better Android GPS and navigation applications. Waze goes further, it is a real social network. You will never feel lost! So now you should know when to Waze, right?

  • Stop the GPS, go to Waze.
  • The advantage of this GPS mapping / navigation is that you can completely ignore the additional features, we are left then with an excellent application for the road.
  • The ergonomics of the application and its fluidity is better than Google Maps, which is not necessarily a feat in itself!
  • It is the best travel guide application.

04. Smart Launcher 2


If you do not know what a launcher on Android is? It is simply your home screen. You can see it as a theme with additional features. The advantage is you can install on any Android smartphone.

With customizable shortcuts, you can do almost everything from the home screen of Smart Launcher.  The best of these applications on Android is in my opinion is the Street Launcher 2. It is due to its structural design and possibility of one hand shortcuts and its stability at any other event. A launcher is personal, depending on your use, please read this article to find the best for you.


05. Google Photos: unlimited cloud


If the old version of Google Photos seemed intrusive and offered little advantage facing the Android gallery, know that the new application released this week by Google has a major advantage: it offers unlimited storage pictures and videos in HD.


  • Photos Google is already available on the Play Store for all devices from Android 4.0 ICS.
  • In fact, you can sync videos in 1080p on all devices, photographs are limited to 16 megapixels.
  • The application, which accompanied the release of Android M sees yet updated design.
  • The application also enhances photos by a gesture.

06. Panda Mobile Security: the best antivirus for Android


Panda ranks first in our ranking of the best antivirus for Android. The reason is simple, it is one of the most transparent applications. The franchise is old, and know well do this.


  • Panda is efficient, transparent security service from France.
  • Its ergonomics are exemplary, and the many relevant options.
  • The application also provides security options, such as the Auditor of confidentiality, which allows to control which applications have access to your accounts, networks, messages, Bluetooth, etc.



This famous application was available on iPhone, is here finally on Android. This is the kind of applications that are found to first view can turn in to even ridiculous. Then once you try and finally we love it! This is just to add filters on selfies: you can turn into monkeys in bearded lady etc. More filters should happen quickly. Yes, it is the current trend on adding filters to selfies for fun and sharing. Choose from an array of emoticons, objects, characters etc. make your day!

  • MSWRD easy to use.
  • In the long run, this application will not revolutionize your experience of your smartphone, but you can well have fun with your friends!
  • The best application for iPhone is now available on Android.
  • MSQRD recently became available on the Play Store.