• The Bose Wave Music System III

Formerly, the Bose Wave music system III is not custom. It is a smartphone but a Hi-Fi, or more precisely a Bose Hi-Fi chain.


Bose is a brand that needs no introduction. It is a high-end brand, luxury even, which usually offer very fine and good products. The string of testing jury had the chance to test is the Bose Wave Music System III, the 3rd generation of this unit.

A string that will willingly qualify it as compact! Compact, that, we can never say otherwise: 10,7cm high x 36,8cm width x 21,9cm depth, and all for just 3.9kg! It really does not take up space, so much so that you can imagine placing it on a sideboard, a bedside table, and so on. Moreover, the function “alarm clock” (2 alarms moreover) will make it a perfect radio alarm clock, however a little more consistent than many other modest models.

Powerful, that too is remarkable. 
Certainly, without reaching the level of a true Hi-Fi stereo system (2.1 for example), the sound is more than surprising: it is quality.  The basses are very well made, the means and the aigus are also of good quality.  And that it’s related to the architecture of this Music System III and its internal system of power amplifiers (for more information, you can watch the video on the official page of the Bose Music Wave system).



Connectivity is usual, including an auxiliary input (what connect your mobile via the dual-jack cable supplied 3.5), a headphone jack, an antenna jack (for FM radio) and finally a Bose link input. The latter allows you to connect an accessory (optional) called “Bluetooth connection kit” or “Connection kit II” (this one for connecting an iPhone / iPod).

In conclusion, and although it was very pleasant surprise by the sound quality of a device so compact. We must admit that its high price makes it “exclusive” in count indeed. But that’s the price to pay for innovation, a luxury of the Bose brand, the simple yet recognizable design, and so on.


So if you want to break your LDD and buy you a nice Hi-Fi that will definitely create its small “wow effect”, this Bose Wave Music System III is for you.

  • The SanDisk microSDXC 200GB

SanDisk is, as you know, a reputable brand for the quality of its products.
A brand specializing in “memories”: memory cards, hard drives SSD, etc. In addition, SanDisk is a brand that has a real know-how in this field is one step ahead of many competitors.


So much so that the brand has launched the first 200GB microSD (183Go available)!  A monstrously huge capacity that will satisfy the most demanding users by allowing them to store thousands of mp3 titles, dozens of movies, and 4K films made with their smartphones, etc.  All in a card that is smaller than the nail of your thumb. But the capacity of a card does not do everything, there is also its capacity of transfer (its rapidity). Here, the transfer speed is so important that it’s probably your phone that will slow down.


The maximum speed is, therefore 90MB / second in reading (this is, of course a Class 10 card). When it comes to writing speed, it depends more on your hardware than the card, but you can perfectly hope to be able to fill this micro SD in less than an hour by copying your library of mp3 / videos. The card is guaranteed 10 years. Yes, 10 years. The trademark also claims that the card is waterproof (at least, but not for long), resistant to temperatures (please, do not test in the oven) and shocks (no, no Doubt, or in any case, we do not have the same appreciation of the word “shock”).


Concretely, at the top of the phone, we love! And so, we recommend this microSD to all the cell phone users. It is a suave product. It works wonders for all. However, it is necessary to have the portfolio that goes well, that is the high price tag. It is not the most affordable microSD.  The price of the exception and capacity, no doubt.