Discover the selection of the best smart watches to offer or to offer. This ensures continuity with your smartphone since they generally allow you to receive your notifications.

• The Huawei Watch 2
Despite a market of watches connected morose, Huawei launched its second smartwatch: the Huawei watch 2. It comes two years after the first model of the Chinese manufacturer. It sports a sportier look than its big sister by embarking silicone bracelets and a dial combining plastic and metal. Its 1.2-inch dial is a bit smaller and requires a bit of precision with the fingers to navigate the interface.

On the software side, it embarks natively Android Wear 2.0. The OS has good ergonomics and remains simple and efficient, despite some slowdowns to regret unfortunately. Unlike the first version of the connected watch, the Huawei Watch 2 is compatible with 4G. This detail is one of the main differences between the two products. Finally, the autonomy of the smartwatch is ample enough for everyday use, but the battery will have difficulty to hold more than one day as soon as you use the Huawei Watch in an intense way (communication, music, GPS …).

Huawei has long been the latest addition to the market for watches connected to Android Wear, and for good reason: its Watch date of the MWC 2015, while many other manufacturers have launched before that. For all that, Huawei watch convinces, notably because of its neat look, and this regardless of the chosen bracelet, whether leather, Milan stitches or steel links.

It does not stand out in terms of its technical characteristics, but offers a 1.4 inch AMOLED circular dial with a definition of 286 PPP. It should be noted that in the recent months, Huawei has offered various versions for females with elegantly decked jewels.

• The Samsung Gear S3

While many builders are betting on Android Wear, Samsung seems to want to disassociate from Google and offer less common products. With the Gear S3, the manufacturer gives a real lesson to its competitors, not only with its operating system, but also with its rotating ring that offers a navigation simplified and adapted to this type of objects.

This is perhaps not the most aesthetic and comfortable of all connected watches, but the Gear S3 is clearly a watch that can be easily advised to buy. Tizen makes it practical in everyday life and pleasant to use. It also benefits from a very good autonomy, thus correcting one of the main problems of the market.

• Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen

In 2014, Motorola had already made a strong impression with its Moto 360, the first smartwatch to arrive on the market with a circular dial. In 2015, the American brand bought by Lenovo persists and signs with a second generation, still Anroid Wear, equally qualitative and pleasing to the eye. Its goal? Conquer all the wrists!

But do not expect a big evolution, let alone the disappearance of the black band at the bottom of the screen that could discourage some. In addition, if it is no longer the only one on the market of round smartwatch, it has the advantage of offering two different sizes to fit all wrists, even the finest.

• The Pebble Time

Far from the world of Android Wear, Pebble continues to advance in its corner with its second connected watch launched late last year, the Pebble Time. This is available in three variants, the normal, Steel, Steel, and round, in rounded format. Three different models, but especially that offer another solution to the display of our notifications to the wrist.

Do not expect to regain the same power on a Pebble Time as on Android Wear devices, able to run emulators with a little work. On the other hand, with its e-Paper screen, it has a range of 5 to 7 days, which is rather incredible in the field of watches connected. It is not unnecessary, however, since it already offers a large number of functionalities ranging from the simple display of notifications to the management of music for example.

• ASUS ZenWatch 3

After two rather average models, Asus has developed a third generation of ZenWatch, much more convincing than the previous ones. With its rounded design, the ZW3 is much more aesthetic than its ancestors, and its three buttons give it a higher life expectancy.

More powerful than previous versions, the ZenWatch 3 is a good watch under Android Wear. The system on the other hand remains equal to itself and is still somewhat limited. It is also satisfied with the strict minimum since it is devoid of cardiac sensor and GPS. They were presented a long time ago, but still valid, especially since the components that equip our smartwatches have changed little in 2015 and 2016. It remains available at low prices on merchant platforms like Amazon (often from third-party resellers) and does not demerit.

• LG Watch Style and Watch Sport

The LG Watch Style and Watch Sport are the first to benefit from Android Wear 2.0, but unfortunately, they are not released in France. However, you can still import them. Before doing this know that the Style Watch is more oriented towards elegance with interchangeable bracelets, a thin case, and very basic features.

This particular watch, for its part, is more powerful and sporty at the same time. It has a thicker look. It has GPS and 4G and NFC compatibility. In addition, it is perfectly waterproof thanks to IP68 certification. On the occasion of the MWC 2017, we realized a video of grip for the two watches of LG.