With your Honor smartphone, you have discovered the Emotion UI interface. What is EMUI? It is a home interface that one can notably find in Honor smartphones.

EMUI, more than a simple interface

EMUI (or Emotion User Interface) is an Android-based ecosystem that has been designed to improve the user experience: through the interface (UI) first but also by adding new features that are not available on Android Stock (the version of Android basic). EMUI also improves   performance, security, and intelligence system.

EMUI is much more than just an Android launcher


The goal is to continuously deliver the best experience to users. For example, in the latest version of EMUI (version 5.0), the significant efforts made are to ensure that our smartphones are able to function without loss of performance throughout their lifecycle. It is a completely redesigned interface.

Born fast, stays fast!

Obviously, major updates, including a new version of Android, require additional workload and testing. The objective is to ensure that there are no compatibility problems, especially with our ecosystem. At the same time, it works on to implement minor updates, aimed at solving the various small problems encountered, but also to provide an optimal level of security.

When a new version of Android is deployed, how are future EMUI updates developed?

The process is complete development in the design of their up-to-date updates and benefit from early access to their ongoing projects. This is what allows to launch smartphones with the latest Android updates in such a short time, taking into account the amount of testing needed to launch safely. This requires a lot of anticipation and early participation with the Android team.

The user at the heart of development:

With a user-centric strategy, Emotion UI’s development teams are trying to identify future trends in order to develop new ideas. Of course, innovation also involves research and development, but also the ecosystem as a whole. Once the ideas are identified and selected, it is a question of defining the new functionalities that result from them.

An anecdote to share about the development of EMUI 5.0?

In previous versions of EMUI, there was no App drawer and only the listening tools indicated that opinions were very fragmented on this subject. Some countries like Germany were very satisfied with the current system, others like the UK were desperately waiting for a drawer of applications, the way of Android stock.

What is the favorite feature in this new update?


t is the Huawei Share, which is convenient when it comes to sharing large files (music, photos, videos …) in seconds with other Honor or Huawei smartphones, and this without loss of quality. It is extremely fast, reliable and easy to use (Bluetooth or P2P connection during transfer only).

EMUI in the future

We particularly appreciate the design of Android Stock. Will EMUI get any closer? Yes, it will work on 3 areas of innovation in the future:

  • Interface: We will always offer more customization options to our users.
  • Current functionalities: Our teams have been working on a learning algorithm to guarantee performance throughout the life cycle.
  • New Features: We want to focus on creating innovations that are not part of the Android Stock experience, such as the Health application, or the Optimized Phone Manager.