• Samsung to launch smart music and television service


Samsung will next year with a number of private music and television. This smart TV owner can get a personal selection based on apps like Spotify. Samsung introduces the service is expected during the CES trade show, which starts in Las Vegas in January 2017. The music and TV services come as apps for smart TVs from the company. The apps are part of the Smart Hub.



It is a personal service with the pragmatic named ‘Music’. Those pushing the user’s music based on listening to other music services such as Spotify and Deezer. There will also be a feature that you can look up music in television programs and series, and store your own music offerings.

Smart TV service


In addition, there should be a smart television service. Thus users can add their own on-demand channels, so you do not have to use different services. It is also possible to obtain additional information for example on TV programs or sports, for example, you’re watching. The services will be introduced during the CES trade show. Which begins January 3rd onwards!

  • Windows 10 to incorporate blue filter


Windows 10 will get a built-in filter for blue light. Thus the color temperature of the display is adjusted, which is much easier on the eyes. The new feature comes in the next build of the operating system. Reported Windows Central, which could already underway with a preview of the new update. It involves Build 14997, which is already available soon for Windows Insiders.



The new feature is in the settings menu, or in the notification bar. There you can turn off the function and so the screen no more blues shows. There will soon also see a slider that lets you adjust the strength of the filter. In addition, it is possible to set the filter dynamically, so that the standard is going on at a certain time, or on the basis of the position of the sun.

Better for eyes


A blue light filter is better for use in dark environments, or just before you go to sleep. It is the blue light that will help eliminate a lot of stress on the eyes, which is certainly not pleasant right before bedtime. There are already alternative light filters. The smartphone is already very popular f.lux example, an app that also recently has a desktop version. The iOS for the iPhone since version 9.3 has a built-in filter.



For now, the filter can only be used in the Insider Preview of Windows 10, and Microsoft has not said when it comes to the final version of the operating system. It is expected that the great Creator’s Update, which comes out next year.