Running enthusiasts are always looking for the right equipment to run in the best conditions. Indeed, this sport is one of the ones that impact most on the joints and the back, since at every step you make you receive a shock that equals to practically 3 x the weight of your body!

With that in mind, runners are usually in search of an indispensable element that must compose their running shoes: cushioning. Whether you are racing on the road or on your way, your skeleton will be strained if you do not choose the right cushioning for your feet. Too soft, you will not be protected and the risk is to hurt yourself, to have back pain or tendonitis. Too hard and protective, you do not receive any wave, which is actually a problem since our body needs a minimum of shock waves so that the mineralization of the bone is done.


As a result, stability is the essential criterion to associate with cushioning. Indeed, this allows the foot to resume its natural function of shock absorber and propeller, replacing your silhouette in the right axis and thus finding basic sensations.


Running shoes with good cushioning play an important role


The first is obvious for all: cushion the shocks that could undergo your joints. People are often advised not to run to people who have knee problems or fragile joints in general, and it is not for nothing.

A well-chosen damping is precisely intended to compensate for the hardness of the soil, and thus avoid joint pain and tendonitis. Especially since most runners attack the ground with their heel and not with their arch, making this area of the shoe a part over-solicited!

Choosing the best possible cushioning does not go by purchasing a shoe with a huge and very thick heel. On the contrary, balance and stability are necessary, as we have already mentioned, and a heel too large breaks the natural curve of the body and prevents the feet from playing their natural role. A good runningshoe is thus a model with a medium thickness sole to thin, not heavy and providing great stability.


Although all riders are concerned with this issue, there is a category that is even more so and whose cushioning is the main choice criterion when buying a shoe. Indeed, professionals as most of the specialized sites will tell you: past 75/80 kg, one is considered a heavy rider, and it is necessary that the movements are damped to avoid impacting the joints too strongly.


Models for sale on the internet


Let’s start with the Supernova Sequence Boost from Adidas. The design is feminine and pretty, with a mix of pink and black or blue mint and black. The closure is done by lacing and the outside is composed of textile and synthetic materials which are very easy to maintain.

Boost technology offers an ideal and dynamic rebound and helps re-use the energy of each stride. The stability was also well thought out with a torsion system, and they are composed of a pro moderator system for the control.

The sole is rubberized with gel, with wear-resistant technology, and it mainly corrects the light and medium pronator feet. A midsole further increases the cushioning while ensuring stability. The lacing has several fasteners for comfort, and the outside is also equipped with reflectors, perfect if you run at nightfall.


Let’s go to the Nike running shoes with their model of Air Pegasus running shoes, with a very nice design of blue and white in brilliant shades, not to mention the famous brand name.


Better know the shocker design on the running basket

For several years, the manufacturers have been oriented towards the design of running shoes with good cushioning. But did you know how this device works?

In the field of sport, each stride made by the rider produces a shock wave that reverberates from bottom to top, i.e. from the ankle to the skull. And without the damper, the shock can cause pain in the knee, ankles and lumbar.

On a running shoe, several types of material provide excellent cushioning: natural rubber, air, thermoplastic, etc. They all deform when the foot touches the ground. Some restore the accumulated tension but others do not have this property. Since the discovery of this running sole, even people with overweight can practice running and trail without endangering their health.


Sports shoes with cushioning: the most known technologies


At Adidas, Boost technology has revolutionized its range of running sports shoes. Its heel sole made with thermoplastic foam cushions the shock and then propels the feet forward smoothly but efficiently. This system equips Adidas women’s running shoes and running sneakers for a few years and will be present on future models of the brand.

The Nike basketball running range is equipped with several types of cushioning but the best known is probably the air-based system. A pressurized air filled cushion is placed between the heel and the outsole of the athletic shoe.


For the women’s and men’s Running Shoe range, the cushioning system is based on a sole with beetle placed on the heel and at the front. Thanks to this technology, the impacts produced by the foot by touching the ground have no effect on the joints. The cost of an Asics running for men and women varies depending on the amount of gel in the sole.


How to choose your waterproof running shoes?

There are some pitfalls to avoid when choosing his pair of waterproof sneakers without having any surprises.

Indeed, running after a heavy rain or just putting your feet in puddles is quick. If you want to avoid having swimming pools on your feet, waterproof shoes, waxed or not, allow you to keep your feet dry to the fullest.

They, therefore, provide additional comfort, and the leisure to runon all types of ground without getting wet feet through the least wet area.