You will not have to worry about dropping your phone into a pool (or the toilet). Apple has just introduced its iPhone 7 and announced that the smartphone is waterproof for 30 minutes to 1 meter. But this is by no means the only innovation presented by Apple.


It’s Waterproof, Without Jack and Dual Speakers

As announced for several months, the iPhone 7 is free of the jack, which disappears. However, Apple does not completely cut the headphone cord.


It will always be possible to connect a wired headset via the Lightning socket (the one used to charge the device), either directly or via a jack-lightning adapter which is provided Apple when purchasing the device.

Wireless headphones and enhanced photo capabilities

But the solution to which Apple wants to guide us is above all to connect headphones and earphones wirelessly (Bluetooth).


Moreover, the brand introduced the AirPods, two wireless headsets without any wires, autonomous from each other and with a battery life of 5 hours (24 hours with the box of storage which also serves to recharge it). Finally, the iPhone 7 is now equipped with dual speakers.

The computer graphics of the day: iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s, the game of differences


As for photos too, the iPhone 7 is improving, especially the 7 Plus that is now equipped with a dual sensor and is able to zoom up to 10 times. In addition, the stabilization is optical on both models.


Another notable novelty is the improved photo function. The front panel camera goes from 5 to 7 million pixels. The one in the back remains at 12 million pixels but gains greatly in luminosity (f1, 8).


Most importantly, the iPhone 7 Plus, the widescreen version of the smartphone, has a dual photo sensor that can make pictures with a true depth effect and zoom between 1 to 10 times (the double of the iPhone 6s) while maintaining a very acceptable quality. Finally, optical stabilization is required on all models.


On the storage side, the iPhone 7 no longer exists in 16 GB. It starts at 32 GB, then 128 GB and finally 256 GB. The same for the iPhone 7 Plus. Note that the new additional color, jet black (a glossy black), is only available in 128 and 256 GB. It is a little the premium color of this new model.

Serious question: Why buy the iPhone 7?

  • It is finally watertight


The iPhone 7 is the first Apple smartphone to withstand an accidental fall in the toilet or even in a pool. Officially, it now resists passage in water for 30 minutes at 1 meter deep. It will even endure without flinching the tea or coffee overturned by mistake. It can, therefore, be used by bathing without fear.

  • Its Home button is no longer a problem

Among the main causes of after sales service, with water and broken screen, there is the physical button on the front of the iPhone that no longer works.


To solve the problem, Apple has opted for a new kind of touch. The button no longer sinks physically but reacts to the different levels of pressure that you print with your finger on the area. Result: less material breakage and more options depending on the strength of the touch.

  • Its photo function has really improved


This is true for the iPhone 7 and this is especially true for the iPhone 7 Plus. Both cameras have a better photo sensor that lets 50% more light than the iPhone 6s. In the dark or night, the photos are therefore really better.


Better, the iPhone 7 Plus now features a dual photo sensor that allows, in particular, to zoom up to 10x. Optical stabilization is essential for both smartphones to avoid moving in both photo and video mode.

  • Battery is improved (a little)


And in this area, everything Apple gives us is welcome! Do not dream, it will always recharge the iPhone 7 every night but, according to official data, the classic model (4.7 inches) gains two hours of autonomy in general use (3G / 4G, WIFI, Internet surfing, Music, video …) while the iPhone 7 Plus (5.5 inches) wins an hour.

  • It exists in two new colors

Goodbye to the “sidereal gray”, welcome to the black matte (called “black”) and to black glossy (called “black of the jet”). With an entirely new method of coloring the chassis of the device, Apple has created a shiny black iPhone 7 (but still metal).


Admittedly, it takes a little more fingerprints than its little companions gray aluminum, gold or pink gold but it will allow you to stand out. Note that for all models, the antennas (clear bands that crossed the phone on the 6 and 6s) have been moved to the edges of the phone and are more discreet. It’s better!

And, why do not you crack for the iPhone 7?

  • Its exterior design does not change

It can easily be confused with an iPhone 6 or a 6s unless opting for the black version of the jet (and not to put shell).

  • The jack disappears

Apple believes that wired headsets are a thing of the past and can only be seen in wireless headphones (although it still provides basic wired headphones because it is legally required). Alternatively: use the adapter provided (good point) by Apple to plug in its headphones Wired through the Lightning socket of the device (but you have to make a choice: listen to music or recharge your phone).

  • It does not recharge by induction

Apple still does not find that the technology of charging by simple contact and no longer with a wired plug is sufficiently developed. It, therefore, rejects the use of this system for his telephone.

  • It always slides

Without a hull with a better grip, there is a danger. The iPhone 7, like the 6 and 6s, is particularly smooth, with rounded edges that make it very pleasant to hold in the palm of your hand … but also terribly slippery.