For several months, we see more and more smartphones being declined in dual-SIM version or product out directly with two dual-SIM slots. Smartphones that allow the addition of two SIM cards are very common in Asia, and to travelers worldwide. This could change, however.

For what purpose?

More and more dual SIM products are advertised with us and as more and more smartphones are available with this option, users are beginning to benefit from the extra SIM card slot. Go around the possible uses to which you have not necessarily thought and see how it can work.

To spare professional life and live up with personal life


If many companies succumbed to the charms of the BYOD (bring your own device) in not allowing employees to receive professional online, there are still many companies why this is the case. There are even areas such as professional or trade where it is almost essential. With a dual SIM phone, you certainly have two SIM cards, but you do not need to have two phones. Everything is centralized in one place. This allows you to travel lighter and is more convenient because you do not have to ask the eternal question “What phone should I use”, “What is the phone that vibrated” or “where do I put the phone I need?”. Isn’t it the ease we are looking for?

Increase its cost data


A dual SIM phone is also handy if you have a second data only subscription in addition to your mobile subscription. In fact, you can set your phone to make calls and texts go through your wireless service plan, but that the data goes through your second SIM card. For example, if the mobile user has a B & You package with 3GB of data, as a client of this operator, it will be able to benefit from per month for 1 year as part of a limited series. This is a data only plan with 6 GB of internet per month.

With a dual SIM phone, it can ensure to consume the data that on this vacation while calls and SMS continue to go through the mobile plan. Once the 6 GB is consumed, it returns the data on the main package. As if it was merging the two packages into one. This package is initially reserved for tablets, but it works the same way with a second mobile plan. For example, if you have fallen for the Free Mobile private sales for a second SIM card not knowing too that gives the network of this operator, you can put it in the 2nd location of your phone.

Two operators to fully capture in more places


A dual SIM phone to another advantage is to qualify for two different mobile networks instead of one. Indeed, it is not uncommon in low-density areas very well capture with an operator A and stuck to GPRS (or no network) to the operator B. Let it be so among you, but only on your workplace, it is the opposite: no network at A and full 4G in B. If you want to capture in as many places as possible, few solutions available to you.

The first solution is to check whether a third operator (call it C) provides a network that you tune in to your home and to your work. If the operator C is not better than the other, the alternative is to have a subscription with two different operators are complementary. This is obviously less convenient than the first solution, but sometimes it’s hard to find an operator that captures all major places have evolved.

The stranger


The dual SIM use two different operators becomes even more relevant when we no longer talk to the scale of a country, but the world’s.Indeed, if you are going abroad – for a few days or for several months – it is important to stay in touch on its main SIM card.But it can also be useful to get a local SIM card, if your subscription does not include roaming in your destination.Having the mobile Internet in a foreign country can still be useful to identify, find its way and learn about its visits.

Obviously, all operators offer options to call or have the data abroad, but sometimes it’s much more interesting to subscribe to a local SIM card to make this kind of option.This is especially true when traveling outside the country and to another region.

Dual SIM best protects: privacy, private life or secret garden


Have a second SIM card inserted in his/her primary phone, it can also be an argument in certain conditions where it does not broadcast its main phone number.This is the case for example when we want to put a product for sale on the Internet.Rather than being upset on its main line, we sometimes want to purchase a prepaid card the time of the sale and broadcast only this phone number.

Numerous mobile networks offer an interesting solution with options to receive a second number on the SIM card, but if you do not want to pay that option or if you are in another operator, have a dual SIM phone can be very handy. Indeed, with a simple prepaid card available in any tobacco shop or supermarket, you can have a temporary line on which you receive solicitations buyers without having to give your mobile number – buyers, or other persons to whom it does not want unveil its primary number. All directly from your dual SIM phone. It is all as simple as cited.

Two SIM cards, many uses

In conclusion, the dual SIM phone is primarily a user flexibility allowing uses adapted to everyone’s life.This is not because the phone is dual SIM need to use it, but it is a nice additional option.Based on this fact, some manufacturers prefer phones or dual SIM slot is shared with the microSD card.You choose what you want, more memory or a different SIM card knowing that you can easily switch from one to another.

This is perfect for a casual dual SIM usage, but still quite restrictive since it must choose between the flexibility of a SIM card and in addition the possibility to expand the memory of the phone. Indeed, it is not uncommon to use a memory card to store data often used to Phone (music and even applications). In this case, having to withdraw is quite restrictive since it will limit your activities on your phone. Having a dual SIM phone that features plus a microSD slot or better yet sufficient storage from the start (ideally minimum 32 GB) is a gain substantial.

How it works?


Behind the dual SIM term hides actually different realities that give quite different possibilities.On paper, there are 7 categories for dual SIM phones:

  • Pseudo-Dual: Dual SIM cards into the device, but only one card works at a given time. Need to restart the phone to switch from one to another (there are fewer of such phones).
  • Dual Sim Shift: it is possible to switch a SIM card to another directly from the phone menu.
  • Dual Sim Standby (DSS) each SIM card is used at the same time, but as soon as a call is made on a map, the other is no longer active.
  • Dual Sim Active (DSA): the phone is connected to both networks simultaneously and can switch from one call to another without hanging up.These phones can operate only two transceivers.
  • Dual talk – opportunity to discuss simultaneously with two corresponding to two different mobile operators
  • Dual SIM Dual Call – Both SIM can receive calls.During the call, an indicator shows the call on the other line.The line change does not hang up.Widely used in China, these phones have two RF, and two SIM two modems.They are also known under the names of DSDA (Dual Sim Dual Active), Dual Active SIM or Duos.When a SIM receives or sends data, the other SIM can simultaneously transmit voice calls.

If historically, the implementation of dual SIM phones in was very basic with only the ability to switch a SIM card to another more or less rapidly, one sees more and more phones dual SIM standby or active, leaving many more possibilities.The dual SIM phones thus have a specific tab in the settings.In it, you can manage who does what, and in particular one that has priority for the data, as here in the parameters of Honor 6+.

What about independence?


To test the impact of a phone with two SIM cards active, we made a comparison using an Honor 6+ (Dual Sim Active technology).To have the most obvious conclusion possible, the testing on the part calls by turning off WiFi, Bluetooth and an automatic standby after 5 minutes of inactivity (only the first time). The dual SIM configuration is observed, autonomy is reduced faster, but the first hour.It therefore follows that the dual SIM does not consume much more battery than simple call in SIM configuration.Consumption is somewhat higher during the initial phase, but it remains marginal.