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Who wouldn’t be interested of checking Apple’s new innovative models of their mobile phones and tablets? Few months after the launching of their iPhone 5, people started talking about the rumored release date of iPhone 5S. It was initially been said that it will come out on June 2013 but later been told to be on August 2013. According to Commercial Times, a Chinese Language Financial Newspaper in Taiwan, the rumored IPhone 5S may not be out in the market in its consensus expected date of release even until the end of the year. They have also added that one of the companies based in California will be delayed in releasing due to production challenges. However, the markets are still hoping for a release within or by the end of the third quarter. A report from Forbes quoted that iPhone 5S launching will be on September 20.

Some of the few things to expect on the awaited iPhone 5S will be a small increase on the display size between 4.2″ to 4.8″ but it isn’t clear yet. It is reported to have 5 various colors including black and white. Rumored to have new button layout including a camera button. Camera will be a 13-megapixel with an improved facetime camera that enables autofocus.

AppleInsider on one of their articles said that Apple CEO Tim Cook said “Apple couldn’t wait to show off the new hardware and services it was working on and planned to introduce in the fall and throughout 2014, says The Full Signal.”

Release date isn’t clear yet until it will finally be introduced to the market. Nothing’s still confirmed among the rumors on the release and the actual features it will have but one thing’s certain, it will going to be a great crazing again for those Apple lovers.

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