FashionFiesta –

Fashion fiesta’ at CrazyDeals is all spiced up to boat an expression that is “to be in the wind” “in”, “designer”, “on the ball”? Today, it is said to be “trendy”, but on the bottom no nothing has changed: “being trendy” it is always to do what the majority of the herd while believing oneself as unique. Are you all geared up for a shopping ride that’s never going to drain you? How is it possible, right? Here is the extravagance starting for a span of hippy 10 days where you got to rush to fill up your fashion palette-right now by making few clicks! Viola!

To be trendy, we adopt to be as? Is it being blind voluntarily as the postures that marketing requires us while believing the mastered tricks? Advertising is dominant discourse and bogus values that goes with it. However at the CrazyDeals we offer utmost gratitude for our customers to grab branded goods at incredibly low price tags. Brands such as Gucci, Armani, CK, D&G, Cartier, Chopard, MK, Channel, Casio, Ray-ban, Versace, Swiss, Revex and bunch more offering killer deductions without burning a hole in your pocket while you are a spree!

We swallow a sweet poison of clichés and slogans designed to make us consumer friendly. What we taste, love and hate, do we really choose for ourselves? Hence make the most from this dazzling presentation of goods designed to please your palette- oh, it’s in a pocket-friendly way to boot. Every year it’s the same story: you’ve just started the summer tote that you already list under the nose. This summer opt for an alluring change with astounding collection of retro-chic looks and designs with Ray-ban and Casio. What say?

Inspirations: Tailoring Chic, Romantic Adventuress, Sportswear Alpin, Neo Retro.

The Materials: Sheepskin (sheep), leather, waxed leather, latex, fake fur (long curls or hair), short velvet, wool, mohair, fleece, lace, satin, chiffon, crepe fabric.

Colors: Black, Grey, Navy, Khaki, Bright Red, and Wine, Gold, colors Nude / Beige, the White and all Camel, Caramel, Chocolate and Rust.

The Silhouette: Bulky, superposition game. Trapezoidal or line A (poncho, cape, cloak, flare pants, flared skirt). Minimalist and uncluttered however belted waist-high.

The Shoes: Hiking boots, lined boots, strapped boots, knee boots, riding boots, biker, moccasins and of course the flip flops.

Accessories: bags, clutches, rings, perfumes, gold, metal, high socks (mid-calf, mid-thigh), triple thick tights (cotton, coarse mesh), caps/hats -fur hats, hats, long gloves, excessive hair accessories (headbands, highlights, shades) etc.

Details: faux pas leatherette, jacquard, voile, chiffon, lace, tiles, stripes, rhinestones, studs, collar and bow cravat.

Fragrances: Outwardly everything looks aloof but not everything is a fragrance concentration difference, grade and the gasoline extracted. CK, MK, Chanel, CK, Gucci. D&G, Diesel, Paco Rabbane can influence on the conduct of the perfume. More liquid is more concentrated and it takes longer it lasts.

What is making you fanatical now? Of course the lunatic pinch in palm wiling to shop all that is being presented on the go! Enough of all- let’s just shop UAE!

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