So yes, the iPhone 7 came out in September, but at Apple, things move fast, very fast. In fact, based on sources, the production and development of the next iPhone are already underway.

What does Apple have in store for us?

Well, as always, it is difficult to predict what will be the characteristics of the iPhone 8 (or 7s) given the few leaks and concrete evidence. That said, as 2017 will mark the ten years of the iPhone, we can expect something quite enormous.

What We Know? 

  • It will be (probably) entirely in glass

It is still early, but several rumors and clues lead to believe that the 2017 iPhone would be made of glass. So certainly the contours of the phone will probably always be metal, whether to differentiate the smartphone from the common phones or to do something special for the iPhone’s birthday, but the back and front should be glass.

If you’re wondering if it’s risky, be sure to consider reinforced glass. It has long been suggested that Apple can use the Apple iPhone’s sapphire crystal screen on the iPhone but this could be very expensive. A more reasonable option would be to use Phire: a new material that resists scratches and is developed by the manufacturers of the Gorilla Glass.

  • It could have a curved AMOLED screen

Every time there is a question about a new iPhone, speculation around the screen is going well, it’s inevitable. What size? What form? What technical characteristics? It is still eligible for this year. Many rumors speak of a curved screen, whether it is completely or only at the edges.

Apple might be tempted to join in the curved screens festival. We are therefore expecting a single screen, separated into 2 “parts” at the software level: the main screen of 5.15 “and a smaller one below that would serve as a control panel. The screen would measure 5.8 “but would have borders much thinner than those of other iPhones.

One source has admitted that Apple could switch from LCD screens to OLEDs, whether to have something more flexible or to counterbalance the overweight induced by the glass body of the next phone.

  • It will be very expensive

With each new release, Apple increases prices. But this time, with the iPhone 8, the brand to the apple could beat its own record. Some sources indicate that the AMOLED screen that Apple intends to use will cost even more to produce than the LCD screen of the iPhone 7, which means that prices may fly away.

Why an AMOLED screen in this case? Just because Apple wants to integrate the 3D Touch, and that this technology is more difficult to set up with LCDs. Prices may exceed $ 1,000 when released.

  • It will charge wirelessly

It has been announced by numerous sources that the long-awaited wireless charge would arrive at Apple with the iPhone 8. In fact, it is clear that Apple is currently trying to improve the wireless charge for a more distance between the phone and the dock.

With the NFC (and Apple Pay mainly) arrived on the iPhone 6, many people think it’s high time for wireless charging to make its appearance on Apple’s flagship, and we agree.

  • Home button could disappear

If you believe the most insistent rumors, the next iPhone will make the home button what the iPhone 7 did to the jack. Apple made halfway with the 7 by switching from a real button to a glass circle with force feedback. More and more evidence suggests that Apple will continue to do so.

How will the Home button work? Well, a patent has leaked in which it would be a question of a scanner of impressions integrated into the glass. This also means that the iOS should be redesigned to add a Home digital button.

  • New colors

This is probably the least crazy rumor of the list, and also the least attractive, but the iPhone 2017 should be sold in two new colors: red and blue. This remains a sacred evolution compared to the soft tones usually used by Apple, until Jets Black.

Why abandon this formula? Well, by what 2017 will mark the ten years of the iPhone. Will the company in Cupertino actually pull out a relatively unimproved phone for this great occasion?