One advantage of WordPress is its incredible number of free plugins, this strength is also its weakness! Here is our little review of the Best WordPress Plugins of all time. No less than 38,997 plugins are listed in the official directory, not including premium plugins. Suffice to say that it is very difficult to choose, yet here we have some extraction out.


The best plugin WordPress for free?

Go directly to WordPress plugin that interests you from the category of your choice by clicking on the list below:

Plugins for Comments:

  • Askimet

Akismet is quite possibly the anti-spam solution absolute. It is discreet, manages to catch 99% of spam and is very easy to use. An absolute must!

  • Disqus

We like it or not, Disqus makes the comments easier and more interactive, recently updated, it integrates native useful features like Gravatars, RSS, Notation, etc.

  • Mention Comment’s Authors


Mention how Authors is a free plugin created by Wabeo and which greatly improves the functionality of WordPress comments by adding a response system between commentators. When one of your visitors adds a comment, it may mention the author of another comment, such as on Facebook or Twitter, using the “@” symbol. This system greatly facilitates the discussion between the author and the different participants who can thus respond, that is, the real interaction!

  • Yoast How Hacks

This plugin of Yoast improves the functionality of the system of default comments of WordPress. This plugin comes at the right time as more and more WordPress bloggers prevent comments on their blog for spam. The Yoast plugin How Hacks is divided into five modules, each focusing on a different domain.

Best Plugins Special SEO: 

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is the plugin for WordPress SEO the most complete that exists today. It includes a preview SERP extract that helps you to better optimize your page titles, Meta descriptions based on keywords. It also allows to automatically generate XML sitemaps and is responsible for optimizing the set, limiting duplicate content, in short, a must have!

  • SEO Smart Links


The internet mesh within your site is one of the principles of SEO. This plugin can automatically link keywords and phrases in your articles and comments on the pages, articles, categories of your choice. In addition, SEO Smart links allow you to set up your own keywords and a matching set of URLs. Attention in its free version, this plugin is used sparingly since Penguin.

  • Google XML Sitemaps

This WordPress plugin generates an XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog. With a sitemap, it is much easier for robots to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve all URLs more efficiently. The plugin supports all sorts of pages as well as custom URLs. In addition, it notifies major search engines of the creation of new content.

Best Performance Plugins:

  • WP Super Cache


Beyond a certain size, WordPress can become really very slow. The caching of your content is a great solution. WP Super Cache creates static versions of your site that are served in place of dynamic content. Gives its full measure when you have a big traffic.

What Plugin for Your Social Networks:

  • Socialize

An easy way to selectively add social action to your content. You can add bookmarks inside the article or in a “Call to action” box under your article.


  • Add Link to Facebook

Do you want to automatically publish your articles / pages on your Facebook page? This plugin is for you, Add Link to Facebook is simple to configure, it will, however, create your Facebook application but the tutorial is very well done. Note that the links appearing on your Facebook page can be totally personalized (image, excerpt, and custom text).

Best Media Plugins:

  • NextGEN Gallery


NextGEN Gallery is a complete plugin for WordPress Image Galleries with Slideshow option. Including dozens of options and features, NextGEN Gallery provides a simple administration system and can also handle multiple galleries. 

Need A Plugin To Monetize?

  • Advertising Manager


This WordPress plugin allows you to manage and rotate your Google Adsense and other ads on your WordPress blog. It automatically recognizes networks, including Google Adsense, AdBrite, Adify, AdGridWork, Adpinion, Adroll, Chitika, Commission Junction, CrispAds, OpenX, ShoppingAds, Yahoo! PN and WidgetBucks. Other ad networks may also be added.

Plugins Security WordPress:

  • Block Bad Queries (BBQ)


BBQ is this kind of plugin that goes totally unnoticed! No settings to make, install, activate and it does the job. Block Bad Queries will block “bad queries” to your site. Regular expressions are defined as potentially malicious, BBQ will look for matches in the query and block it. BBQ allows blocking the exploits of faults XSS, SQL injection, or CSRF / XSRF.

  • WPS Hide Login


WPS Hide Login is a very lightweight plugin that allows you to easily and securely change the login URL to whatever you want. It does not rename or modify files in the kernel and does not add rewrite rules. It simply intercepts page requests and runs on any WordPress site. An excellent plugin for the security of your WordPress!