The Xiaomi Mi Mix has just been unveiled by the Chinese firm Xiaomi. And it attacks the iPhone on its ground: the design.  It was presented as a concept more than a product that can be found in commerce. Its price is pretty reasonable if one believes the first elements delivered especially by Hugo Barra, vice president in charge of international Xiaomi.


But Xiaomi has decided to surpass Apple on its own ground: that of design. The Mi Mix reduces the edges of the screen to their congruent portion. The screen covers more than 90% of the front surface of the device. A design reminiscent of the Aquos Crystal, Sharp. Above all, it allows the Xiaomi Mi Mix to reach 6.4 inches against 5.5 for the iPhone 7 Plus, with dimensions almost similar.


The icing on the cake: Xiaomi has equipped this screen with a ceramic structure, which makes it particularly resistant.

Xiaomi promises optimal sound for its Mi Mix

This screen that “eats” the edges of the smartphone is not without consequence. Exit, for example, the speaker and the sensor to make your phone calls. The Xiaomi Mi Mix compensates for this lack of space by a revolutionary system: a “piezoelectric” device operating from the vibrations of sound. These vibrations will flood the entire surface of the phone, so that you can call with almost any part of the device, positioning it in the direction you want! And according to Xiaomi executives, the sound transmitted to the ear will remain of optimal quality, without benefiting the entire train of the metro. To speak, it is an ultrasound system that will take over.


For the rest, the features are level: we find in the Xiaomi Mi Mix the Snapdragon 821 processor of the Google Pixel. It has 128 GB of memory, a camera of 16 megapixels, 4 GB of Ram, remains, on the other hand, a major brake: it will not be compatible with the French 4G LTE. It will be necessary to wait before seeing it disembark in the Hexagon.

The USP of Xiaomi Mi Mix:

The uncluttered screen that is simply amazing, the ceramic back cover that gives a luxurious style to the phone, the 128GB storage on the basic model.

An incredible screen

You really need to have the Mi Mix in hand to realize how incredible its 6.4-inch screen is! Despite our personal aversion to screens more than 6 inches, we really learned to enjoy this phone. The grip is good and the palm recognition system avoids accidental maneuvers. The Mi Mix is a little heavy (209gr) but it is well balanced and can be used easily with one hand for certain tasks. Others, such as typing long messages, are still better with both hands.


To be able to create this screen 2.080×1.080 pixels almost without borders, Xiaomi did a great engineering job. The front camera has been moved down the front panel and the piezoelectric actuator replaces the front loudspeaker. The digital signals are converted into vibrations using the shell to deliver the sound.


There is one thing we really did not like: the light sensor is located on the lower edge and it is easily obscured when the phone is placed on a soft support such as a pillow, which has As a result of lowering the illumination of the screen.

 Android, how to talk

Like most Chinese smartphones, the Mi Mix runs Android (6.0 in this case) but with a highly customized interface named MIUI.


This is the interpretation of Xiaomi who went to draw ideas on iOS and Android. As mentioned previously, Google services are not preinstalled. They can be installed after the fact, but they are not sure they are working properly.


The Xiaomi Mi Mix is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Its performances are at the height: fluids. The games go smoothly, especially graphically demanding titles like Asphalt 8, and are really highlighted by the big screen.


The only problem we have noticed is that the atypical ratio of the screen can sometimes cut applications on the sides. But overall, the operation is excellent.

An average camera

Do think of Mi Mix if you are passionate about snapping pictures. Under good lighting, it can take very good shots, but it really struggles with low light.


The HDR sensor is better calibrated than previous models of the brand. In contrast, the front camera of 5 megapixels is located in the bottom of the phone which is, to say the least weird. To achieve this result, Xiaomi was forced to use a sensor half as large as the normal size.


In the end, the camera is not bad for taking self-portraits but Xiaomi could frankly have done without a phone and really without any edge.

Battery life

With a battery of 4.400 mAh, one would expect a solid autonomy. Still, we found that the phone loses 30% of battery after a night spent in standby. Nevertheless, it held 17h52mn to our test of video playback loop, which is excellent. In common use, we were able to use it on a full day.


But it is better to leave it connected to the mains when it is not used. The Mix is compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 Quick Charge technology that can restore 80% battery life in 30 minutes.

The Future Now

The Mi Mix demonstrates the technological prowess that Xiaomi is capable of. Although it is worth buying, its limited 4G compatibility places a risk on the possibility of using it elsewhere than in China.


Do not buy it if you are not willing to accept some flaws. It is the price to pay to be able to taste a technology that will not be available in the mass market before some time. The Mi Mix is a foretaste of the phones of the future.


  • The Xiaomi Mi Mix offers an overview of what tomorrow’s smartphones will look like without borders.


  • The Chinese brand has to improve on some basic as the front camera so we can recommend this mobile eyes closed.
  • The Xiaomi Mi Mix prefigures the design of most phones within a few years with its beautiful 6.4-inch screen that almost completely covers the front panel.
  • The ceramic back shell gives it a luxurious style and a very good grip.


  • This material may be tough and scratch resistant, so does not drop it.
  • First, a single loudspeaker for music and video.


  • For calls, the phone uses a “piezoelectric ceramic actuator” that vibrates the shell to produce the sound.
  • The camera is also not extraordinary.


  • Finally, the Mi Mix is available only in China and in limited quantities.

Of course, there is a way to buy it through online resellers, but good luck if you adventure damage it and need to have it repaired. Moreover, its 4G compatibility is restricted and it may not work properly outside of China.


The Mi Mix is the most expensive of Xiaomi phones at 2799 AED.  If you are thinking of buying this phone, keep in mind that Chinese smartphones are not provided with Google services (Maps, Play …).