Xiaomi unveiled the successor oftheMi5 smartphone, the Mi5S. A new generation is often better than the previous one but here it is a bit ambiguous because the photo sensor is passed at 12MP instead of just one of 16MP.



Is it worth it?


Here is some information between these 2 models to help you choose. We also found a video of the unboxing and a comparison of the camera.

The quality of construction of the XiaomiMi 5S is very good, it appears more robust than the Mi 5 in its non-ceramic version (the glass in the back disappeared, but we liked it!).

The large 12MP sensor lost its optical stabilizer for a digital solution. For the videos it can be seen fast enough in 4K, in 1080p it remains very well.

The Mi5S plus has two 12MP photo sensors, while the normal MI5S only has a 12MP sensor.

There is no IR transmitter of the Mi5 and the logo in front of the device disappeared. A few novelties, the phone finally supports the NFC and the battery is over 200mAh large (that’s not much). The new ultrasonic fingerprint reader works great! According to the specifications of the phone, the impression sensor works even in the worst conditions.




  • 1080p screen same as the Mi 5.
  • 3G Ram and 64GB of storage by default are more than the Mi5.
  • Enhanced fingerprint reader.

  • Same price as the Mi5: top!
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 is super-fast, with the UFS storage 2.0 it’s very fast. (400 MB / s read and 180 MB / s write), very close to an SSD.
  • As for photos, we feel that even if the sensor has gone from 16 MP to 12 MP, the pictures still seem better.

This Mi5S is a good and better successor to the Mi5, but if you already have a Mi5 we do not think it is necessary to move to the Mi5S. If you are looking for a new phone then do not hesitate,  you will have the equivalent of an iPhone 6S for half price!