Sony has a new sensor for its smartphones, and it gives a true slow-motion lesson to all SLR cameras and compact cameras. Prepare to see slow motion at the Matrix, but without spending miles and cents.

Sony has just unveiled its new sensor for smartphones:

It shoots in Full HD 1080p and at 1000 ips. It’s about 8 times faster than the rest of the smartphones, according to Sony. The new sensor should prove useful even for taking pictures, since it has a 19.3 MP lens that takes the picture in 1/120 of a second. Again, it’s 4 times faster than with all the other phones available on the market.

A quick comparison to put the thing in perspective

The iPhone 7 and Google Pixel are among the fastest phones of the moment, but they can only shoot in 1080p at 120fps.  In addition to resurrecting interest in the Xperia, a phone equipped with this kind of sensor could even make shame to most SLR cameras and conspicuous.

Even the Sony RX100 V can only “make” 960 fps with Full HD quality. Most DSLRs can go up to 120 fps in 1080p. This speed, which would even give Sonic (the hedgehog) the air of being slow, is possible thanks to a dynamic RAM directly integrated into the sensor so that your films and photos are almost instantaneous. The idea of ​​a video in slow-motion super net made simply with your phone is still very exciting.

Do not expect to see this technology on the phones presented at MWC 2017, but we hope to see it appear on our smartphones by the end of the year. Apple, Google and many other manufacturers use Sony sensors, so expect to see slow motion everywhere before 2018 arrives.